Page One: His Taste on Her Skin

She tasted the forbidden every time her lips met his. The salt of their sweat mixed together after the rubbing of their bodies excited her. There were times when she allowed herself to go without bathing so his scent remained on her skin. But she knew if she was caught, it would be over between them. No matter how much they felt for each other, the situation wouldn’t change. She was Druma or sky blood and he was Drucca or earth blood. One pure. One tainted.

They believed Druma blood came from great winged beings who'd forsaken the sky for the earth. They cut off their wings and buried them into the earth, thus creating the Drucca, the tainted ones. It was because of the Druma that the tainted ones lived, and it was through this sense of gratitude that the Drucca served them. None of them must ever mix bloodlines upon pain of death. This was the law they lived by.

She was the beloved sister of the King and he was the Commander of her bother’s army. Druma prophecy told of one born purest of the pure, bringing back the winged ones from the beginning. He had risen from the dirt to become the highest ranking Drucca in the history of their kind. Prophecy also spoke of him. But they—she and him—didn’t know any of the prophecies, only the Elders did.

They met at a ball to honor his ascension to Commander. She fell the moment his eyes met hers. They knew each other the moment they danced. They shared the forbidden the moment their bodies felt release. There was no turning back for them. Their affair remained hidden in dark rooms, shadowed gardens, and secret coves bathed in light.

The day they were discovered came from the strangest of places. They had just been together. There was an event that morning. She was in a hurry and he was too. She only had time to change, and she suspected he didn’t have that luxury. She prayed her brother wouldn’t smell him on her or her on him. Everything was going well until her beloved pet came up to him enthusiastically. Her brother bent down to pick up the little mite and the breeze shifted. Her brother looked at his Commander then at her.

They were brought to the Elders and the prophecy was foretold in its entirety. The one born purest of the pure and the one who had risen from the depths of the tainted will come together to open the doors of the future for their people. She found hope in this, but he was filled with doubt. He didn’t believe in prophecy.

Despite what the Elders said, only the King could decide their fate. Her brother was torn between the laws they lived by since the first wings were buried and the prophecies foretold by the same beings that came from the sky to live on the earth. She came up to her troubled brother and held his hand. Even if he knew he shouldn’t touch her for she had been with a Drucca, he held on. His Commander remained kneeling before him with his head bowed.

She knew from the moment she gave herself to him, she wouldn’t plead for mercy. He knew the moment they were caught, he would take matters into his own hands. The King asked him to stand and as he did he readied himself of what was to come. The judgment would be swift.

The King gave the hand he held of his sister to his Commander. When the two held each other, the King looked at the Elders. The prophecy would be fulfilled, but they shall both be exiled to the farthest reaches of their Kingdom to live out their lives. There will be no death this day for the two, but they shall not be allowed to step foot onto this part of the land ever again. She, the purest of blood, who gave herself to him, the tainted who had risen from the depths; from this union will come a boy who shall be born with the wings thought long to have been cut away.


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