Page One: Outsourcing

In the near future, humans will lose all patience to communicate with each other on the phone. The once popular call centers have become deserted since no one would want to take the high paying job anymore. This drove the company owners to outsource once again the already outsourced job. Someone suggested the employment of fairies. This idea was based on their long life expectancy. He realized that if something could live that long then certainly they would have enough patience to deal with irate callers. And so, the Fairy Based Calling System or the FBCS was established.

            The phone rings.

            The fairy checked the location of the incoming call before picking up. “Good morning! Thank you for calling the customer support line. How may I help you?”

            “Ah yes hello,” the human said irritably. “I’m having problems with my internet connection again.”

            “Can I have your name sir?” The fairy said calmly.

            “What does giving my name have to do with it?”

            “It’s so that I can access your account sir.”

            “Oh well. David Sullivan.”

            “Thank you.” The fairy typed the name into the system. “Good morning Mr. Sullivan. Can I have your account number please?”

            The caller grumbles a curse. “It’s 5-061-182. Can you hurry up?”

            “One moment sir,” the fairy said as she studied the nature of the account. “I see that there has been maintenance going on in the area since the early hours of the morning sir.”

            “What does that mean?” The caller all but shouted.

            The fairy took a deep breath before continuing. “It’s routine maintenance sir. Your connection will be up and running in a few hours.”

            “How long is a few hours?”

            “It says in the advisory sir that the technicians will be done before noon.”

            “What! Noon? But I have work to do! I need my internet connection.”

            “I apologize for the inconvenience sir.” The fairy wondered if she could start casting a spell before the human started to get even more irate.

            “This is more than just an inconvenience. Do you know how much money I stand to lose if I don’t get my internet connection fixed? I choose your company because of the guaranty of continued service.”

            “I understand that sir and once again I apologize for the inconvenience. I’m making a report now and sending it to Tech Support.”

            “A report? A report? What will a report do? It won’t get my internet connection back!”

            The fairy started murmuring the spell to calm down the caller, but before she could finish, he interrupted her.

            “Why are you murmuring? Oh! You’re not human are you! No wonder you’re not helping me properly. I want to speak to a human.”

            “Sir, I’m not sure what you are referring to.” The fairy stuck to the rebuttals given by the company. “We’re here to help you as best we can. Have a great day.” She hung up the phone and took a deep breath before moving on to the next call.

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  1. Contact center or also know as outsourced job is been not so good because sometimes if you call for follow up they never know about you and asking again your info.


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