Friday + 13 = Friday the 13th

Each of the seven days of the week has its own character and significance in the world's superstitions. Astrologers have allocated a planetary sign to each day and this largely determines its qualities.

Friday, subject to Venus, is widely held to be unlucky and a day when evil influences are at work -- especially if it happens to be the thirteenth day of the month when anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Even in a modern technologically advanced society, business will fall off whenever a 'Friday the thirteenth' comes round as important deals are delayed until a more propitious date. New undertakings of many other kinds, including weddings and other events of a personal nature, will also be postponed.

The day that Eve offered the apple to Adam in the Garden of Eden, Friday is favored for the holding of witches' covens and was formerly the customary day for hangings. Accidents are more frequent on Fridays (though visits to the doctor are not advised), and clothes made on this day will not fit. Projects or trips begun on a Friday will not prosper and any person who laughs on that day, says one old proverb, will cry on Sunday. Many people add that Friday is also an inauspicious day for moving house or for weddings, and formerly in some parts of the British Isles those who courted their lovers on a Friday were hounded by friends and neighbors banging noisily on pans and kettles. According to one old Shropshire superstition, news received on a Friday makes a physical impression upon the hearer in the form of a new wrinkle for every tiding. Children born on Friday will prove unlucky, but will enjoy the gift of second sight and healing powers. Many people claim that the weather on a Friday will be repeated on the following Sunday.


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  2. Cool blog! I have a good friend that was born on Friday 13 and needless to say, I love him dearly, but he is one of the unluckiest people that I have ever met lol. Thanks for sharing this, its really interesting.


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