My April 16th in Pictures

Besides the wonderful excerpt and trailer reveal for Taste on the 16th, I also had a busy day filled with birthday celebrations, a TV interview, and a Radio interview. It was such a fun day that I wanted to share it with all of you through pictures. So, let's begin. Once upon a time...

~ 5:30am - Wake Up ~

~ 5:40am - Wake Mom ~

~ 5:48am - Breakfast ~

~ 6:00am - Connecting ~

~ 6:46am - Getting Dressed ~

~ 7:28am - Leaving ~

~ 8:48am - Arrival ~

~ 9:55am - At the Studio ~

~ 9:56am - On Set ~

~ 10:48am - FlipGeeks Segment ~

~ 11:06am - End of TV Interview ~

~ 12:10pm - Lunch ~

~ 2:40pm - Radio Interview ~

~ 3:40pm - End of Interview ~

~ 4:38pm - Grabbing Dinner ~

~ 5:24pm - Home ~

~ The End ~


  1. It was your birthday? Happy Belated Birthday Ms. Kate! I hope you had a blast! It's pretty obvious that your day was a busy one, but I hope you really enjoyed it. =) God bless and more power to you!


    1. Oh, no, it wasn't my birthday. It was my mom's. A much more important date. :-)

  2. A cupcake for breakfast? I wanna come to your house :) Looks like a great and exciting day!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

    1. The cupcake was for my mom. It was her birthday. I was eating floss bread with lemon water. :-)

  3. Nice to meet you, Kate! I'm now following (from Book Blogs).

    My google icon pic is my Say This Write website and blog logo. I use my headshot photo on the Book Blogs (just to clear up any confusion).


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