It’s that time of the year again. That time when the shows you’ve eagerly awaited week by week have been cancelled without so much as a by-your-leave from the networks. The world of TV is just as cutthroat as anywhere else. And I’m devastated by this recent turn of events. Shows like TheFinder, GCB, The Secret Circle, Terra Nova, Alcatraz, Ringer gone…all gone, just like that. My heart sank when I found out.

 You see, I’m a very easy girl to please. I don’t need a complicated plot or overly deep characters to enjoy a show. Maybe that says something about my standards or lack there of, but I know what I enjoy. I think of the list of cancelled shows that I watch the one that surprised me the most was The Finder. I had a feeling it might be in trouble based on the reviews I’ve read saying the show had no clear direction, but this doesn’t make its passing less heartbreaking for me. Love Walter and Leo and everyone else on that show. Every week I wait to see what new adventures they find themselves in. What Walter has to find next. Now, I only have thirteen episodes to keep me company on those cold nights when I wonder what could have happened. The way they ended it sent a chill down my spine and made me want to run to Walter and hug him. Oh cruel, cruel world! Why? Why, I tell you! *insert clichéd scream up at the sky while rain pours down my face* Bring Walter back!

The cancellation of GCB didn’t surprise me because of all the controversy that surrounded the show. I think as the episodes progressed and the storyline got tamer and tamer, the show lost its steam. If the writers continued the shock factor of the first episode then maybe there would have been hope at a full season. Now, I’m left with ten measly episodes with a finale that ended so abruptly. At least give us a culminating episode!

The Secret Circle’s cancellation was a little iffy for me. I guess the writers couldn’t cash in on the phenomenon of The Vampire Diaries. Apparently, the same formula doesn’t work twice. The pilot had promise, but the moment they killed off Nick and replaced him with his brother, I was thinking, “They jumped the shark on that one.” And so early too. *shakes head in dismay* Something happened to the writing along the way. The first few episodes where so tight. I don’t know where exactly the show began to unravel at the seams, but I would have wanted another season, just to see what happens with the four witches seen at the end of the finale. Grrr!

Terra Nova was a shock! I thought it would at least have another season. It was highly anticipated. But I guess it’s like that alien show I don’t remember the title of now. You know, the one where the aliens come to make nice with the humans but there’s a conspiracy too? The one where they waited too long for the next episode to air? Anyway, like that one. Highly anticipated and then cancelled like a flop on Broadway.

Same goes for Alcatraz. It had potential, but from what I’ve been reading, it was more like the sad little brother Lost didn’t want its friends to find out about. I thought it would last for another season, at the least. Weird how the shows I don’t gravitate to end up getting renewed while the ones I take a chance on get cancelled. Gosh! My taste in TV must be that bad. Please don’t judge me. *hides in teacup of shame*

The cancellation of Ringer I get. At the end of the day, it became like white noise for me, playing in the background while I answered my emails in the morning. Did The Lying Game get cancelled too? I’m not sure. Must research that.

Pan Am, I knew was getting cancelled even before the show ended at fifteen episodes. Or was it fourteen? Anyway, the ending was iffy as well. Too many loose ends for my taste. Even the infusion of Ashley Green wasn’t enough to boost ratings. Alas, I did enjoy that one too, and now it’s gone.

On the good side, White Collar lives on along with CovertAffairs, the unstoppable The Vampire Diaries. Gossip Girl lives for one more season, and they say it’s their last. I wouldn’t cry over that. The Upper East Siders were due for an ending anyway. Jane by Design gets another season as well, which I’m excited about because they ended on a cliffhanger. Teen Wolf season two is said to air June 3, 2012. My favorite rebels of Sons of Anarchy will be back too. So, despite my devastation, I can keep my chin up. There are still more shows I love that will return. We can’t forget True Blood and Gameof Thrones season three. 2 Broke Girls. Last Man Standing. New Girl. Grimm. Once Upon a Time (did this one get renewed? Don’t know yet.) GLEE. Hart of Dixie. SMASH. You get the picture.

At the same time, I brace myself for the new shows to come. I’m pretty sure this process of falling in love and being left in the cold will happen again next year. I’m just excited by the fact that there are new stories to be told. So, the question begs to be asked: I wonder what they are?

So, it's with a fond farewell that I bid the shows who have been cancelled this season good-bye. I have enjoyed your episodes. And you all will be missed. *grabs tissue and sniffs*



  1. I get that way too when a show I liked gets cancelled. I was pretty shocked too about Terra Nova. I really liked that show; I thought it was pretty cool. And I really enjoyed The Finder, too. Oh well. At least I still have White Collar, Grimm, 2 Broke Girls, Last Man Standing and New Girl. :P

    1. Lei! *tackle hugs and sobs on your shoulder* I know, right? You get me.

  2. The only show in the drop dead group that I watch is the Finder. I'm super bummed!

  3. I watch the same shows, and I feel the same about The Finder. I loved those characters, too. Terra Nova was enjoyable, but I didn't love it. Secret Circle...blah. The first few episodes were okay, but they never had a Big Bad, a main antagonist driving the series. I got bored.

    But, a lot of shows that I enjoy are still hanging in there. So it's not total heartbreak.

  4. i really liked the finder too..but i wished they had kept the british chic that was in the bones episode in the show. i dont know they took her out. :(


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