Mom's Day

“Mothers are beautiful women. They know the true meaning of unconditional love. This is why they have a day to honor them.”

In short, moms are awesome!

I’m writing this post in honor of my mother, even if I know she won’t get a chance to read it because she isn’t exactly net savvy. Well, more like she thinks the internet is for emails and shopping, and she does neither of these things. You get the idea.

Anyway, if there was one person I can say I truly love, it’s my mother. My father is a close second because I’ve always been a daddy’s girl and we have a special bond between us. But Lord knows I’m responsible for several white strands on his head too.

My mother is at the top of my list because she is the epitome of unconditional love. And I’m ashamed to admit that it took me years to finally realize this. I wish I could say I was an easy teen to raise. I wish I was a role model of a daughter growing up. Unfortunately, my mother got the short end of the stick on that one. I understand that I could have been worse, but I was bad enough to cause great heartache.

What I didn’t know at the time was how much she loved me. I can’t remember how many times I said I hated her after a shouting match. If I was my daughter, I wouldn’t know what I would have done. I always thought she didn’t understand or support me. When I came to her for comfort, she would say, “Stop crying.” I resented her for that, but now I know that she asked me to stop crying because she couldn’t stand seeing me hurt.

There was even a time when I doubted that she loved me. That was how crazy self-centered I was. I was blind to everything my mother did for me. All the sacrifices she made to send me to a good school. I never wanted for nothing. And yet, I treated her like crap. I was an angry teen. I was angry at the world and everyone in it. I sought love in all the wrong places because I thought she didn’t love me. But, boy, was I so wrong. Seriously. When I look back at who I was years ago, I put my mother, who did nothing but try to understand me the best way she could, through hell.

I tear up when I write this because of the guilt I continue to carry inside for the things I have done. Yet never did she stop loving me. Most people would have kicked me out, but she kept me close. She stayed patient. Stayed strong. Road out the storm. I cannot thank her enough for her solid presence in my life. I don’t think I would have survive myself if she ever turned her back on me.

I love my mother. And ever if I tell her this each and every day, I still feel like it isn’t enough. My mother and I had to go through fire to find each other. Today, after walking miles over broken glass, I couldn’t be prouder to be called my mother’s daughter. Her guidance and love continue to mold me into the woman I am today. Every smile on her face tells me she loves me. Every hug and kiss she gives me shows me I’m a vital part of her life. And despite all the grief I have put her through she’s forgiven me with very little admonition.

So, mothers are awesome.

On this day, one that is for mothers, give the woman a hug and a kiss. She deserves it and more. Maybe throw in an “I love you, Mom” in there for good measure. She’s the one who’s kissed away all the hurt. She’s the one who scared away the monsters under your bed. She’s the one who wakes up earlier than everyone else to cook breakfast and make sure everything is ready for the new day. And she is the last one to go to sleep at night because she worries about what to do the next day.

Moms are not perfect, by any measure. They are human after all. They make mistakes too. But, by God, they come pretty close to being perfect. Remember that when you make a mistake. When you raise your voice in anger. When you feel that she doesn’t love you.

If your relationship with your mother right now is rocky, know that it will not always be that way. I thought I would never patch things up with my mother when I was younger. Today, I couldn’t think of a better person to have by my side.

To all moms out there: Happy mother’s day!

I am in awe of your strength and capacity to love.


  1. What a beautiful post, Kate. You shouldn't feel guilty for making mistakes as a child. You were, after all, a child. Your mom loves you and that is all that matters. :D

    1. I know. It's just on the days when I remember all the things I've done. Thank you so much, Andrew! :-)

  2. OMG! You made me cry! :( But it is all true!
    What a beautiful post! At least you realised how much your mother loves you before it was to late!
    I love my mother, and even though I'm 22, I still run to her everytime I'm ill or something is wrong!
    Happy Mother's Day to your mom and all moms out there!

    1. I know what you mean. It doesn't go away. Just turned 29 and I still run to her when I'm sick. :-P

  3. This was very nice. It brought tears to my eyes.

  4. Yes, moms are awesome. Happy Mother's Day to yours and to all the moms!:)

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  5. A beautiful tribute to your mom, Kate, and to all moms. I hope your mom will read this. You are so fortunate to have her with you, that you didn't wait too long to tell her how much you appreciate her support.

  6. Your mom sounds like a wonderful person. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  7. Wow, a true testament to the strength of a good mother's love - it can withstand rebellious, ungrateful, teeneaged us. I had the shouting matched with my mom too, no peace in that house until I moved out, but remembering my angst & how much I loved & needed my mum through it all makes the hostility that occasionally comes my way from my own teenaged children easier to bear with grace.

    That's a gorgeous picture of you two - the love shows.

  8. I love your honesty in this post, Kate. (And the photo shows where you get your good looks from!) Mother-daughter relationships are so complex. I had a rough time writing my post for that reason, but writing it also helped me define all the things I love about my mom, instead of focusing on the struggles. As a psychologist sometimes I see mothers and their teenage daughters together, and it can get HOSTILE. But I think the mothers know this is just a phase--a time of hormonal desperation where the daughter must test every boundary known to humankind--and many times these mother-daughter relationships heal in adulthood. Especially when the daughter does some self-searching like you have done.

  9. Beautiful post. And since mom might not see it, you could always print it out all nice and neat, frame it, and give it to her as a gift. :-)


  10. Kate, this is a great post & I think it really captures the truth about mothers--somehow they are able to withstand all that adolescent rebellion and separation, and even know it's necessary, and keep loving. My kids are toddlers and when they test and push, I can let roll of me--it's their job! I hope I will be as good at this as your mom was by the time they really start testing!

  11. Mothers are awesome! And many of us didn't quite get how much they do for us and love us when we were young. Very touching post and a beautiful picture of you and your mom.

  12. Man Kate, I needed to hear that. I'm in the throws of raising not one but two 12 yr old girls. Man alive do we fight like cats and dogs and I've been convinced that they will hate me for being such a hard ass on them but I do it because I love them so much. It's good to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, it just might be a REALLY LONG tunnel <3


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