Taste FanArt

I woke up to the best thing this morning. Check this out:

Isn't it the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen? I've been staring at it since Dannielle from Book Whales Review sent me the link to Ice's fantastic review of Taste. At the end of the review is this picture of Luka, Phoenix, and Demitri. I LOVE anime and seeing them in anime form just made my month! It's the best birthday gift ever.

Thank you Ice and Dannielle for your continued support. You ladies rock!

See you at the book launch!

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  1. Wow! How wonderful is this???!! Huge congrats, Kate!

  2. OMG Kate - this is so cool! How exciting!!!

  3. This really is the coolest thing. This belongs on a poster!!!

  4. Woah! I'm so honored to see this posted in your blog. Thank you so much Ms. Kate! So glad you liked it!
    -- ICE @ bookwhales

    1. The honor is mine, Ice. It's an awesome picture! It's actually my wallpaper now. You make me want to watch the anime of Taste!

    2. It'll be so awesome if it has an anime! I'll definitely watch out for it! (and I might draw more when I have time soon. I hope you don't mind :D)
      -- ICE

    3. I don't mind at all! So long as you let me feature your work on my blog. :-P I look forward to seeing what else you can come up with, but no pressure. Take your creative time. :-)


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