Catching Up

I love catching up with friends.

Yesterday, I caught up with Mel, a friend of mine since my teaching days. It's been a while since we've seen each other because she had to move back home for a while. Now she's back and our weekly meetings are on.

After introducing her to Serenitea and we grabbed a drink, and she spilled the most scandalous stories (one of the reasons why I love her), Mel decided to experience threading.

Threading is basically the process of removing unwanted hair with thread.

Apparently, to the uninitiated, it's a very painful process. As a spectator, I was laughing so hard.

I know, I know, I'm bad for laughing, but I couldn't help it.

And what kind of a friend would I be if I didn't gather video evidence for all of you?

I asked Mel's permission, of course, and the thing you need to know is that she's crazy (another reason why she's my friend).

So, without further ado, press play. I'm the one laughing in the background while giving encouragement. *giggles*


  1. LOL. Only a true friend would mock someone's pain. :D You're both crazy, but that's ok. We all love you for it. :D

    1. Oh so very true. And the things we womenfolk go through for beauty. *laughs*

  2. That looks so painful. Go Mel, for being so brave.


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