Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Me


If there is a book I wish I wrote it will have to be AbrahamLincoln: Vampire Hunter. Who would have thought honest Abe was a vampire hunter? So, I'm now planning a new novel: JFK: Werewolf Slayer. Huh? Huh? Wouldn't that be wicked awesome? The werewolves are Russian, fitting in the Cuban Missile Crisis. It's a work in progress, but I believe it has potential.

The gush comes from the fact that I just watched the movie. Tim Burton out did himself this time. I finally forgive him for murdering Dark Shadows and worship at his altar again. I sacrifice goats in his honor. Okay, icky, and I like goats, so no sacrificing happening here.

There's something about slow-mo action sequences that I'm a total sucker for. They add a cool factor to any movie, especially when the choreography is eye-popping. Seeing the ax work in this movie makes me respect the talents of the stunt coordinator. I actually want to watch the movie again for the action sequences alone.

The story is top notch to. Not boring at all, which is always a relief considering the plot tackles historical events. Adding vampires into the mix made history all the more interesting. At some point, I actually wished what happened in the movie actually happened in real life. I certainly wouldn't have fallen asleep in history class if it involved vampires.

I actually don't know the actor playing Lincoln. There are some scenes where I thought he looked a lot like Eric Bana, but it's not Eric Bana. He did a pretty great job. The actor who played Lincoln, not Eric Bana. Okay, how many times can I use Eric Bana in a paragraph?

Moving on...

If you haven't watched the movie, then I'm wondering what's the matter with you at this point. If you haven't read the book, join the club. I'm ashamed to not have picked up my copy yet—for a book I claim to want to have written. Then again, I don't make it a habit of reading anything I've written after it's published, so go figure.


  1. The book? AWESOME! I haven't made it out to see the movie yet, but I definitely need to soon!

  2. I LOVED this movie! He's my new vampire hunting hero!! ;) Man he can handle an ax, huh? :)

  3. Want to read the book, and want to see the movie. I am following you


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