*blushes* Magic Mike


Two days ago, I watched Magic Mike. This post is late because I had to spend a whole day putting my brain back together when it turned to mush after the movie. I was surprised I managed to drive home since I was reduced to a drooling mess.

First thought about Magic Mike...

I don't think I've ever been so afraid of Matthew McConaughey. The things he does in this movie are scary. Like I-have-to-cover-my-eyes-and-laugh scary. And let's not even talk about the wardrobe.

Magic Mike is meant to be a comedy of sorts, and this is the first time this year that I've laughed so hard while watching a movie--counting The Avengers. I can never see myself walking into a male strip club. I just can't.

The extras in this movie must have been very happy women to get to fondle the buffet of manflesh in Magic Mike. If you thought Troy was a sausage fest? Then you haven't seen Magic Mike. I'm sure the extras would have done the movie for free. Heck, if I had the nerve, I would have done it for free.

I watched the film for the ever yummy Channing Tatum. I don't care how many roles he's played, he can do no wrong in my eyes. Then again, all I see is his sick abs, so go figure. I had to wipe away considerable amounts of drool during the course of this movie. Manflesh. Seriously.

I don't believe there's much of a story, or if there was, it wasn't clearly thought out. I'm thinking that's the biggest problem. And I think the director was going for an independent film feel with this one that didn't quite work. Although, there's talk of a part 2, so maybe there's something there after all.

Sadly, I think the movie under utilized the talent. They had Joe Manganiello from True Blood and Matt Bomer from White Collar in this movie and they hardly did anything. If you're going for a striper movie, there's no need to be too literal about it. Give each stripper a story at least.

Don't even get me started about Alex Pettyfer. He looks so grungy and un-kept in this movie. To think he's who I was thinking of to play Luka in the movie of Taste. Granted he'd just come off Stormbreaker then, but still! *she said with righteous indignation*

At the end of the day, enjoy Magic Mike for what it is, a movie where you get to giggle and hoot while guys take their clothes off. Turn off that part of your brain that thinks and just ogle. There aren't that many movies where you can do that. I'd say take your girlfriends and leave the guys at home.


  1. Haha fab review of this.
    I can't wait to see it! Matthew McConaughey -Yum!!


    Vix @

  2. Matthew McConaughey was so creepy in this movie! I'm glad you enjoyed it, I totally watched for Channing too ;)
    I thought the story line was awful, but it was totally worth the ten bucks to see Channing 95% naked doing the sexy dance!


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