Packing for Vegas

Okay, so I've been thinking about what to pack for Vegas (two weeks and counting), and came up with a tough choice when it comes to dresses. It's going to be hot, so the material can't be too thick and must breathe.

Since I'm at a quandary and don't want to end up bring all my dresses...*light bulb moment*...I thought I would host a poll!

I've narrowed the choices to nine.

Now you get to help me choose which four dresses to bring. *claps*

The poll is on the sidebar of this blog. You can choose four out of the nine.

The dresses with the highest votes by the end of the week will come along with me, so choose wisely. *winks*

Here are the choices:

Dress A

Dress B

Dress C

Dress D

Dress E

Dress F

Dress G

Dress H

Dress I 

Vote and help me decide!

Thank you so much for participating.

Have a great week!


  1. May the best dress win.


  2. I've voted :) They're all pretty!

  3. Hey Kate,
    Is this for day or night? Daytime, you're going to want at least 1 dress with shoulders if you're going to be outside. (Sunburn)

    1. Maybe one for the day and the rest for night. And you're right about sunburn. Packing my sunscreen already. :-)

  4. Oh, how fun!!! So close to me, I'm in Phoenix. I think that's only, like, four hours from Vegas. I hope you have a great trip.

    1. Four hours away? Oh I wish I could come for a visit.


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