Page One: What She Saw

She looked out into the world and saw nothing and the world was beautiful. Life has never been the same after she started looking out of her window. She thought she knew everything and she thought she was strong, but none of that mattered when she looked out her window for the first time. Only a few things were needed to make her happy. She didn’t think of herself as materialistic, but when she looked out the window she couldn’t take her eyes away.

Every morning he would pass by with his clean and pressed suit with a silk tie and starched shirt. In his right hand was his leather briefcase. His left wrist had his watch, which he always glanced at every couple of minutes. Everything in his life was in a hurry. There was no time for him to stop and notice. All he wanted was to get to work and start his day.

She knew the way he walked. The determined strut spoke more than a hello he never said. His walk always showed that he knew where he was going and he needed to get there in a hurry. There was no meandering in his life. That was what made her look intensely at him from her window.

He noticed nothing along his walk to the bus stop. There was really nothing for him to notice or so he thought. He did not know that a woman behind a window was there watching him everyday – in the morning, in the evening.

The smile on her face told the world everything, and yet, hid fantasies only she knew about. She wanted him, but didn’t know what to do about it. All she had was her window and the man she loved walking past early in the morning and late at night.

He was a man and a man needed a woman – he thought when he met her for the first time. There was a spark, a need, a wanting so strong that he could not help but come near her. She wanted the same things he did and he just wanted her – nothing more and nothing less.

The first time she saw him with her, denial crept into her heart. She didn’t mind the large fist slowly squeezing shut around it. The first time she saw him smile, it was not for her – it was for the other her. What happened? What could have happened in that moment, that minute he met her. She should have been the one with him, but the window was standing between them.

For the first time, he was happy. He would walk with her to work and even stop to kiss her. Gone were the days when he needed to get everywhere fast. The hurry was no longer controlling his world; he could finally stop and just look. When he did look, he saw the woman behind the window with her hand on the glass and a crushed look on her face. There was something so heartrending about her face.

She was waiting for him by the window and staring. When he looked at her for the first time her heart stopped. He didn’t walk with that determined strut anymore. He didn’t look at his watch frequently anymore. He had his briefcase in his right hand and holding her hand with his left. The wish that it was her finally left the lips that had gone dry, and he looked at her – finally saw her.

He started to become nervous. There was something about the woman standing behind the window that made his palms sweat. He needed to leave and fast.

She stared out and saw nothing. It has ended – all of it. Everything she knew changed when he walked away – almost in a panic. She needed nothing and it was beautiful. She didn’t know anything and she wasn’t strong. What she wanted could never be hers because she could not make it to the other side of the window. She couldn’t reach out and touch him. He saw her but ran away. Never again did he walk past. Never again did she see him through her window. Never again was she the same, but she continued to look out anyway. She continued to look out.


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