Radio Guesting

It's a rainy weekend here in the tropics. The temperature has decreased dramatically from weeks of hot, muggy days with rainy afternoons. Now, it's rain, rain, rain.

Okay, enough of the weather report.

This post is to announce my radio guesting on DZRJ 810AM this coming Tuesday.

I'll be talking with the amazing Marybeth Nave about writing and my latest YA novel, Reaping Me Softly.

The interview starts at 9am (Philippine Time), so those in the US, it'll be Monday night. For those in Europe, I'm not so sure if it'll be at night as well.

The interview will also be streaming live, so you can watch and listen at the same time on the web.

Visit the DZRJ Facebook Page here:

Click on the "like" button and you'll have access to their Listen Live and Watch Live feeds. You can even chat with us during the interview and ask questions.

I'm so excited! This is my first LIVE radio interview.

Make sure to crosscheck your local times with Philippine time here so you don't miss the interview.

I would love to chat and answer your questions during the interview.

I hope you're having a great weekend.

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  1. Replies
    1. Philippine Tuesday, so that's Monday night for you, I believe.

    2. Duh, how did I miss that? You said it on the post mind's going!! --Happy interviewing! I'll try to catch it.

  2. Sadly I am unavailable at that time but wish you the very best.

  3. Remember to Have fun! That's the most important thing - relax and enjoy it ;-) I'll be listening ;-)


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