Spelling and Traveling

Normally, you wouldn't think that the words spelling and traveling are mutually exclusive, but in this case, they are. If you zoom in on my precious little sign you may notice that I have misspelled Vegas. The "E" is covering an "A." At first, I thought to deny the spelling error, and revel in my creativity, but I realized I wanted to turn this into a learning experience.

When I was in second grade, I realized I couldn't spell to save my life as witnessed by spelling tests never scoring more than a 1 out of 10. That was a good. Most of the time my score was zero. I also quickly learned, as did my teacher, that I didn't know how to read. Worse, that my brain had the tendency to jumble up words and letters. Ironic now for someone making a living as a writer. Anyway, my teacher taught me to spell by sounding out the syllables of the word. This worked for a while but backfired for words like rendezvous and anything with silent letters. I don’t even get why words need silent letters anyhow!

This struggle to spell naturally impeded my interest in reading because I only started voraciously devouring books in high school.

Years have passed since and I still have trouble spelling. Granted, I'm better at it now than I was, but it's a daily learning experience, as is convincing myself that travelling alone for the first time isn't as terrifying as it seems.

Entangled is having a get together in Vegas at the end of the month. When I first heard about it, I thought the chances of getting to go were slim to none. So imagine my surprise when I mentioned it to my mother and she actually encouraged me to go! I was floored.

You must understand that I was a rebellious teen, not to be trusted on adventures on my own. My mother actually trusting me to go to Vegas—of all places—all alone shows how far I've come since my days of hell raising. It's liberating, but a part of me wishes she said no.


Well, so that I have a reason to ignore the fact that I'm terrified of travelling alone. I used to talk big about seeing the world, and now that I have my chance, I cower at it. A contradiction, that is me.

All the times I've gotten on a plane, I was either with my family or with friends. Safety in numbers and all that. So, as the days tick by and I prepare myself mentally for this momentous trip, I ask you these questions:

Have you ever travelled alone?


What are some tips you can give to a first time solo traveler, especially someone going to Vegas?

Help. This is what I need. 


  1. Enjoy. Ask questions if you need to.Carry a carry-on bag in case your luggage gets lost. Bring a pair of your own ear buds.


  2. A hidden stash of money on your person in case you lose your purse. Make copies of all you credit cards so you have their numbers and you can cancel them right away. I like snacks for long plane rides and plenty of books. Do a little research ahead of time on what you want to see and eat while you're there. I've never been to Vegas, but when I go I want to see Cirque du Soleil.

    Can't believe you'll be so close, yet still so far away. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Enjoy the adventure.

  3. I love these tips! Thank you so much, ladies!

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