Something to SAVOR

Okay, I'm done hiding this particular secret. Who knew being an author meant keeping lots of secrets too? I'm never good at keeping secrets since I was little, so I'm pretty surprised at myself. Although, I'm completely bursting at the seams right now.

One of the secrets I'm keeping is the cover for Reaping Me Softly. Made me weep the first time I saw it. If you hadn't signed up for the cover reveal yet, you can do it here: Promise, the cover is worth it.

Since I can't show all of you what the cover looks like before September 12 (and it's killing me, just so you know), I'll share another secret I've been keeping for a couple of months now.

As you know, my debut novel Taste (out now so grab your copy!), is a stand alone novel. I'm not budging on this fact.


By all means, this doesn't mean I'm finished with this universe.

Ah, I'm feeling the excitement now. Palpable from many miles away. Is your face pressing against the computer screen?

Okay, maybe not.

Getting on with the secret divulging...

Drum roll please.

Here it is:

The picture above is a contract. The picture below is me signing said contract:

Fans of Luka rejoice!

SAVOR, a companion novel to TASTE, which features Luka's story, will finally be written. *hugs*


  1. KATE!!
    This is so awesome!!
    This has made my day ^^

  2. I'm sure I'm one of the many people who was sad that "Taste" wasn't the beginning of a series. Because I loved it so much! So I'm very happy to hear about "Savor".

  3. Do you hear my screams? You should by now because I've been shouting YIPEE! For two days. My throats a little sore and I could use a Ricolla. Very excited for Luka to get his chance to shine 'cause you know I adore him, girl.

  4. YAY!!! I so glad it isn't totally over and for it to be LUKA's story totally rocks!


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