Finding My Zing!

Yesterday, I had the chance to watch Hotel Transylvania. I recommend the movie to everyone! You don't have to be a parent to get why the Count did what he did for the safety of his daughter. But the romantic in me gravitated to the "finding your zing" aspect of the story.

Even if the story is about the control freak Dracula who would do anything for his daughter, I most enjoyed the concept of finding the person that makes you zing.

I'm single, and I choose to be so.

When I was younger, I wondered why relationships never worked for me. I was this bright-eyed, bushy-tailed girl who dreamed of love--the fairy tale kind.

I know the concept of love at first sight or finding soul mates can feel cliche or terribly unreal in our society, but there are people out there who have fallen in love at first sight or have found their soul mates or both! Maybe I live in a fantasy world in my head, but I refuse to believe the fairy tale isn't possible. Watching Hotel Transylvania helps keep my belief alive.

Okay, it's an animation, but the story does ring true. I believe that every fictional story finds their roots in fact. Those who write romance base some of the situations in their novels on real life or on people they know. This fact based mentally when it comes to writing fiction allows me to keep believing in the magic of love and the ability everyone has in finding their zing.

I hold on to the hope that I'll find mine some day, but if I don't I'm okay with that too knowing I'm living my bliss and I get to do what I love on a daily basis. Having someone to share it with will be a plus to an already wonderful life.

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  1. saw many good reviews about this show. Planning to bring my son to the cinema for this


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