Vegas Tales: Beware of Beagle

Okay, so it's been awhile since I've shared a Vegas Tale with all of you. Since it's being a particularly slow Sunday, and I don't have to write until this afternoon, I've decided to continue sharing with all of you my experiences during this first trip on my own.

This particular tale happened during the shortest connection in my flight itinerary. I'd landed in Minneapolis and had 75mins. (count it, 75) to get from the plane to baggage claim then immigration, baggage check, TSA, and then off to the gate of my next flight. Just thinking about it makes my head spin.

I call this leg my obstacle course.

It should have been a breeze, except I sabotaged my own entrance into the U.S. of A.

Being a Filipino, I grew up with being taught that if I was given something to eat that I didn't consume, let's say a sandwich, I would bring it with me in case I got hungry later. Little did I know that this "Waste Not" attitude would lead to an encounter with an intrepid beagle.

On the plane from Narita to Minneapolis, we were given a lot of food. We did nothing but eat and sleep during this flight. At one point, I was so full that when time came for snacks to be served, I stuffed the ham sandwich into my bag thinking my flight to Vegas wouldn't have food to go along with it.

When I got off the plane, a little worse for wear at this point, I claimed my bag and stood in line for an immigration officer to decide if I was allowed into US soil or not.

This is where the beagle comes in.

A ferocious animal, is he not?

Notice that I don't have any actual pictures during this leg of the trip because no electronic devices were allowed while at immigration. Even cellphones would be confiscated if used.

Sufficiently freaked out about the tough rule and doing my best to follow it (because the last thing I wanted was to be taken into one of those scary rooms where they interrogate you to determine if you're a terrorist), I patiently waited in line.

Here comes the K-9 unit literally sniffing around.

Mind you, I didn't even try to hide the ham sandwich. It was in a clear plastic bag on top of my carry-on luggage.

The man with the beagle for a partner asked everyone to lower their bags for his pal to sniff. Of course, having a ham sandwich attracted the cute little guy. He sniffed my bag, sat down, looked at his officer buddy, and I was busted!

That's when the cute little narc stopped being freakin' cute!

The man took my sandwich, marked my immigration card, and told me I had to bring my bags to the portion where they run them through an X-ray. Sweating bullets at this point, and staring daggers at the feeling-good-about-himself beagle, I went through immigration and suffered through a bag inspection.

I seriously thought my flight would leave without me.

To make matters worse...yes, it does get a tad worse...the gate to my next flight had to be the farthest gate from where I was. Lugging an impossibly heavy carry-on, I had to sprint my way to the last freakin' gate of the Minneapolis airport.

Making it to my goal with very little time and not enough breath to spare, I smiled crookedly at the flight attendant, gave my ticket, found my seat, and vowed to never, ever bring down any food for any flight ever again!

Learn from my lesson, everyone. Those airport beagles are vicious!


See, I would have respected the K-9 unit if I was faced with a muscly German Shepherd or a smiley Labrador, but no...I was faced with Snoopy! How pathetic is it to be take down by a Peanuts character? And for a measly ham sandwich. *shakes head*


  1. LOL - oh, thank you so much for the laugh this morning! Taken down by Snoopy ;-) Too funny - although I'm sure from the story you weren't laughing at the time ;-)

    Have a great day!

    1. You're very welcome, Katie! Yeah, I may have been smiling on the outside , but on the inside I was counting down the minutes and panicking that I would miss my flight.

  2. I've NEVER seen a Beagle used as a K-9. Just, never. XD

  3. LOL, cutest beagle picture, ever. Airports, sigh. I have never had a trip run smoothly, but adversity makes for a good story. Keep them coming.

    1. Oh, they are not cute! Did you see what happened to me? That little narc!


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