Reaping Me Softly Tour Day 3 and Superstitions about Photographs

My favorite day is here!

I want to take a moment to send positive thoughts to the kids unable to trick or treat today because Sandy came to town. *hugs and love* I hope everyone if okay and safe. 

Ollie and I would like to greet everyone a Happy Halloween!

Today is day 3 of the Reaping Me Softly tour.

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The art of photography may be a relatively new phenomenon, but it had none the less inspired certain superstitious beliefs that are now well entrenched. Perhaps the most familiar is the belief among many people in technologically undeveloped parts of the world that it is extremely bad luck to allow someone to take their photograph (a taboo that previously applied to hand-drawn portraits also). The reasoning is that the image of a person contains something of their life-force, so anyone who obtains a photographic likeness also acquires a degree of influence over their soul.

Other superstitions include the more or less redundant notion that engage couples should decline to have their photograph taken together, as this threatens their chances of eventually being married. It has also been suggested that it is reckless to be photographed with an animal, which may be a witch in disguise. Neither should people be grouped in threes for a photograph, as the middle one is thereby placed under sentence of death. Sports players, furthermore, have been known to refuse to have their team photograph taken until after the match in the belief that otherwise they will prejudice their luck on the field.

 In the Netherlands, motorists fix photographs of their lovers on the dashboard of their cars to protect them from accidents. Many people who otherwise see no magic in the science of photography will baulk at the prospect of destroying a photograph of someone who is still alive.

To deliver a curse against someone, the simplest procedure is to turn a photograph of them to the wall or turn it upside down (or, even better, to do both).

Check your pictures in the house, maybe someone has put a curse on you. *giggles*

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