Superstitions about Scissors

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Gather around, folks! Let's play the Superstition Game with scissors.

Being made of metal and having the power to cut, scissors are regarded as potent objects in superstition. They must be handled with care as their misuse risk one’s luck, which can be ‘cut’ all too easily. It is therefore very unfortunate to drop a pair of scissors, and even worse, if they then stick into the floor because this constitutes a death omen (though regional variations suggest an imminent wedding if both points stick in the floor and a funeral only if one point pierces the floor). Neither should the person who dropped the pair of scissors attempt to retrieve them. He or she should ask a friend to pick them up, or, failing this, the scissors should be trodden on before being touched. To be on the safe side, the scissors should then be warmed between the hands before being used again. Scissors that come apart while held in the hands are also a portent of bad luck in store.

As is the case with knives and other sharp objects, scissors should never be given as presents unless the recipient hands over a coin or two in exchange as though buying them in the usual way; failure to do so may lead to the friendship between the two parties being severed. Scissors may, however, act as a deterrent against witches and in former times they were sometimes placed under the doormat to prevent any malevolent spirit coming into the house (usually in the opened position so that the blades formed a cross).

A curious superstition of African origin claims that scissors should not be opened and closed during the celebration of a wedding, as this will result in the groom becoming impotent.

Now you know what you need to do when you drop a pair of scissors. Be careful!

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