The Superstition Game Year 3!

Oh lordy, it's my favorite time of the year again! No, not Christmas; although, it comes a close second.

It's October and I love it! 

And with October comes the first part of my celebration. I'd like to invite everyone to join my Superstition Game. 

Since it's the third year, I thought to make it more interesting! 

Here's how the game works:

It's very easy, just mention a common everyday word or item in the comments section and I'll feature the superstition behind it. The twist? Whoever's superstition I feature that gets the most comments by the end of the month will receive a special prize. 

What's the prize, you might ask? Well, I'm going to be naughty and keep it a secret until I announce the winners. *diabolical laughter* 

So, let me kick things off by telling you a little about the superstitions behind shoelaces. Yup, you got that right, shoelaces.

Just as shoes are a focus of superstitious speculation, so too are shoelaces. Very familiar is the tradition that if a shoelace comes undone someone is talking about the person concerned. If the left lace comes untied, bad things are being said, but if it is the right one, only good things are being said. In the USA, this superstition is expressed in the rhyme:

'Tis a sure sign and true,
At that very moment
Your true love thinks of you.

It is also widely acknowledged that it is a bad omen for a shoelace to break, but that it is good luck to find a knot in one's laces. A more obscure tradition warns that it is unlucky to mix the colors of one's shoelaces. If one shoe is tied with a brown lace and the other with a black lace this is particularly unlucky because brown represents the earth of the grave and black represents death.

See? Who would have thought that having different color laces can be unlucky? And who would have thought that there actually are superstitions about shoelaces? This is why I love the Superstition Game. Really, common everyday things you take for granted actually have great significance to them. So, join the game and see what you can learn.


  1. How about ladders?

    My dad was a very superstitious person and would always make us "x" out if a black cat crossed our path. Also he would have a fit if someone stepped over someone else. He now gets my sons to follow some of his superstitions. It's fun to learn all of the ones he knows.
    Thanks for a great game!
    Amy@Read to my Heart's Content

  2. I knew about the shoelaces breaking but I never knew there was more to it! This sounds so fun! *nerd mode on*

    Okay so my word is...
    glasses. :D

  3. Gosh, I didn't know that about shoelaces, nor that it was unlucky to have different color ones. I know that if one of your ears is burning someone's talking about you.

    Right - and I'm the first - here's my word (heeee) : birds

  4. OOOO!!! How fun!!!!
    My word is:



  5. Since I'm a hairdresser, what about scissors?

    Hugs and chocolate,

  6. I love this game. I read all your posts last year!

    I will give you the word: photograph

    I know there should be some good superstitions for that. :D

  7. Okay, so here we go. This is one I've had a compulsion about since I was seventeen, and actually resurfaced last March, so here goes:



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