What do you collect?

In preparation for the Reaping Me Softly blog tour, which starts on October 29, 2012, I stumbled upon a question that got me thinking. I was sent a number of tasks to complete for the tour, and one of the tasks involved answering several questions. One of which, charmingly enough, was: Do you collect anything?

Maybe I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the gist of the question.

Anyway, it got me thinking.

When I was little, I used to collect stickers. There was this shop that specialized in selling different stickers: sparkly ones, animal ones, and my favorite, the velvety ones. I remember having tons of sticker books as a kid.

Then in high school, I would collect cards of anime characters. They were basically laminated pictures of the characters from anime that I loved at the time. I had binders full of them. Evangelion characters chief among my collection. I still say it’s one of the best animated series of all time.

 Now that I’m older, I couldn’t really say that I collected shoes because buying shoes is a fashion addiction, not necessarily a collection. In my mind, a collection involves keeping whatever it is you collect safe and damage-free. Shoes, I wear on a daily basis. So, no, they are not a collection for me.

Then there are dresses. But that only speaks more of my shopping addiction, which I’m still trying to kick to this day. I’m not as bad as the characters in Confessions of a Shopaholic, but I do have my moments.

So, with still no answer to the question, I thought about how I would definite a collection.

To me, a collection is where you have different versions of the same thing. Then I thought to myself: is there something that I have different versions of? I turned in a tight circle in my room, scanning its contents, and my gaze flicked from one coin bank to another. My eyes widened in surprise. I had no less than four different coin banks in my room. Most of them adorning my bookshelves. Why would someone have more than one coin bank?

I have found my answer.

Without intending it, through the years I have amassed different kinds of coin banks. The first of which is a vintage Snoopy coin bank which is heavier than the coins you can put inside it. Then, I remember, in high school I begged my mother to buy me the porcelain cow bank which looked like an Indian princess. I wanted it because it was so pretty. Then I have this obsession with Tarepanda, which drew me to the plastic coin bank version. And lastly, who doesn’t love Nightmare Before Christmas? So, I brought home my glow in the dark Jack Skellington coin bank head.

Once I had my answer, I knew I had to post about it. What an extraordinary feeling to realize that through the years you’ve begun your own collection without even realizing it until you were asked. So, I ask you now, what do you collect?     


  1. Books, maybe? Though they're not entirely clean and damage-free, if you know what I mean - which is, to me, a sign of love.

    I used to collect anime posters but I gave them away. I also used to collect the W.I.T.C.H. and Questor magazines before they were discontinued.

  2. I collect books. Lots and lots of books, lol. When I was a kid, I collected rocks. I lost my collection in one of my many moves. Maybe they're just misplaced, tucked away in storage somewhere and I'll find them again.

    Congrats on your blog tour. It's almost reaping time.

  3. Books. Music. Video games. Esoterica. Tarot decks. Boxed DVD sets. Roleplaying paraphernalia. Jaysis, too much stuff.

  4. I collect books (not an original answer)

    I also collect pencils (like, the wood ones)

    I also collect quarters! The U.S. states ones, and the U.S. state parks ones.


  5. I used to collect Beanie Babies, I had well over a thousand of them. My parents would try to get me each new one that came out - for Christmas, Birthday, Easter presents etc. I still have most of them now, they clutter up my already tiny room and take up space I could use for books. But then again they remind me of my childhood and I'm grateful for how much my parents put into my obsession, i mean collection!!!
    Plus they aren't really worth anything anymore, I tried to sell some and ended up paying more in postage than I got for them, so for now they stay! And they are cute! (most of them) :D

    Now I'm older I'd be predictable too and say I collect books, I have way more than I have room for! :D


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