Story Telling for Little Ladies

I mentioned yesterday that I got roped onto reading a story for the younger year levels at St. Scho. No words can accurately describe the feeling of all those little ladies smiling at you, greeting you once you arrive. Ah, the innocence of those so young. At the same time, having them listen intently while you read a story is an irreplaceable experience. I was so glad I said yes to this event.

Yesterday, I got to mold young minds by sharing what little I know about the writing process, and today I got to put smiles on little girls' faces by simply reading to them. I'd have to say that this is a great start to my week. The books I signed for the young readers is just a bonus to the whole thing. I'm a pretty happy lady right now. All that positive energy is impossible to ignore.

When my Momager and I arrived, we were met at the front of the school by Miss Mau. Can you believe she was my student when I first started teaching? Now she's a teacher herself. It's either time is flying by really fast or I'm getting really old. *laughs*

She presented me with three stories to read. I chose the one about female empowerment. It was about a grandmother with extraordinarily long hair who helps her village survive a storm by tying everything down with strands of her hair. Mom grew up with her grandmother who also had very long hair. That's the other reason why I chose the story.

Once at the gym, all the little ladies--close to a hundred of them--sat on the floor by grade level and they were ready to listen. Ms. Mau introduced me to everyone. All those smiling faces makes you want to smile too. Now I get why she chose to teach younger year levels. They are all so adorable.

After greeting everyone, and getting an enthusiastic greeting back, I sat down and began the story telling. Not a peep from anyone. They were all leaning forward and listening. Another surreal moment for me. To have that many young girls--all so behaved--sit and listen, I just prayed I wouldn't mess up the whole time I was reading the story aloud.

When I finished, a round of applause followed then the Q&A. To test their listening skills, I asked a series of questions about the story that I just read to them. Having that many hands in the air to answer each of my questions was gratifying. They are good girls and I have to credit that to their parents and their teachers. Like the community of writers I belong to, the students of St. Scho remind me about the best the world has to offer. It's not all bad.

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