Superstitions about Make-up and Day 5 of the Reaping Me Softly Tour

*waves* Hello, dear readers! It's a Friday, and the weekend is upon us. Let's all take a deep breath, we've all had a busy, crazy, scary week. We survived and that's certainly something to celebrate!

Ollie and I would like to present the last of our Superstition Game for this year. It's surreal that November is upon us. I'm shaking my head in disbelief as I type up this post. Today's superstition comes from Aloi S, who suggested lipstick. I couldn't find any for it so I stuck to make up.


Superstition warns that care should be taken not to spill face powder: to do so means that the person concerned will shortly quarrel with a friend. In the theater, it is said to be unlucky to put one’s stage make-up on while looking over someone’s shoulder into their mirror, and also that it is unlucky to tidy a make-up box or to use new make-up on an opening night. If an actress spills her face powder, she may dance on it in order to preserve her fortune.

Here are all the stops for today:

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Have a great weekend, everyone!

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