2012 in Review

A little over an hour before 2013 and already it sounds like a war zone outside my house. Fireworks abound. Here I am again writing my year in review post. Lots have happened this 2012. Dreams have come true. Lots of lessons learned. Love. Loss. Realizations and enlightenment. Trips of a lifetime. Friends made. Friends lost.

Now, I’m not just a survivor anymore. I’m living my life, waking up doing what I love. A few short years ago, I thought none of these were possible. I was stuck in a job I hated, mingling with people who wore smiles while they secretly plotted your demise. Basically my life was one big soap opera. Boy am I happy I’m not in that constant state of stress anymore. Would have seriously shortened my life, let me tell you.

Anyway, I’m here to reminisce on my 2012 adventure.

I began 2012 writing. What a way to start the year, right?

I’d decided to rewrite Reaping Me Softly, which used to be called Blind, and came up with the Suicide Whisperers. I didn’t think Reaping would find a home at the time and I didn’t want to let go of Niko and Arianne. But as I finished writing Suicide Whisperers, Blind found a home and it was renamed Reaping Me Softly. What an amazing turn of events that was.

Lesson here, just because someone says something is crap doesn’t mean you have to listen to him. There’s always hope when you’re willing to keep trying, finding different avenues to take, move forward no matter what.

Little did I know that in October (my favorite month) Reaping would be released into the world. But, again, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Mental note: must edit Suicide Whisperers and remove all the chapters I cannibalized from Reaping and make it into its own novel. I’d love to share that particular story with all of you in the future.

Once I finished writing Suicide Whisperers, I went straight into editing Taste. This is the first time I ever experienced editing with an actual editor. I wasn’t afraid to slash my novel to bits if I had to. I’ve come to realize the year before that editing is always to bring out the best in a novel. It’s never a personal thing. Editing actually allows you to see different roads that weren’t there when you started writing the story.

This is why editors rock!

You know who you are. There’s a statue built in your honor. Trust me, it’s there.

Once Taste resembled a novel I would be proud of sending out into the world, I prepared for its release. During this time, I met so many bloggers. They are the lifeblood of this increasingly digital age. Authors owe bloggers a great amount of gratitude. They help spread the word about a novel. An awesome community of people.

To all the bloggers out there who helped spread the word about Taste and Reaping Me Softly, I’m utterly grateful. The bloggers participating in the Taste blog tour happening this January 7 to 16, 2013, I’m super excited to be working with all of you. Thank you, Didi for putting the party together.

Of course, I can’t recount this year without discussing my trip to Las Vegas—the first time I ever travelled on my own. It took me three airplanes, an obstacle course of a connection that involved being ratted out by Snoopy for daring to bring down a ham sandwich, and a shuttle. To say I was scared out of my mind doesn’t come close to how I was feeling, but what’s an adventure without a dose of fear? I had so much fun, I was delirious from it. I met so many awesome people. Liz, Mary, Carmen, Sarah, Guillian, the lovely ladies from Australia, and all the writers and editors of Entangled that were there.

I got a taste of many firsts while in Vegas. I rode a limo for the first time. I saw Taste in the flesh as an actual book. I experienced my very first book signing. And all of this just in one day. That whole week changed my life. It showed me I could.

I arrived home a different person. I started thinking about the changes I want to happen in my life. The people I love and want to keep and those I have to part ways with. Breaking up is always a painful process, but if you have to do it so you can grow then it’s a necessary hurt.

I will be the first to admit I’m not the easiest friend to have. I can be selfish. I can be lots of things. Most of all, I can be fiercely loyal. I’d kill for my friends. Only the truly strong can last as my friend. I disappoint easily and forget people are human. These are the flaws and strengths about myself that I’ve realized this 2012, and I will be working on improving this 2013. Like the butterfly that is the symbol of change, I have to learn to let go. Not to obsess. Nothing is as bad as it is.

2012 brought so much change in my life. This year taught me that possibilities are infinite. What you do with inspiration matters. And everything that comes from the heart can’t be wrong. There may be differences in opinion, but that’s a part of life. Hurt happens, but healing does too.

My career as a writer is on the path I couldn’t have imagined any better than when I was telling my mother about it years ago. Dreams really do come true if you work hard enough at it. Today, all the novels I’ve submitted have found homes. I’m on the final stretch of writing Unreap My Heart, the next book after Reaping Me Softly. I’ve finished writing Savor and will edit it after writing Unreap. Angie, my writing sis, expect the last half of Unreap in your inbox soon. Then I will write Fervor, which is the twin to Savor. And when I get the editing notes for Til Death, I will be editing that was well. Basically, my plate is pretty full for the first quarter of 2013 already, and I look forward to every wonderful minute of it.

Everything I wanted I got this year. The universe has been generous. I feel happiness so deep it doesn’t frighten me like it used to anymore. I’m learning to live in the moment—which isn’t as easy as you might think, but so much fun attempting.

For 2013 my main goal is to let go. To breathe. I need to learn not to be in control all the time. Everything happens at the right time. I can’t rush the universe. Patience is my friend. Can you smell the New Year already? I sure can.

I’m so glad the world didn’t end the way the Mayan’s predicted.

If I thought 2012 was awesome, I have a feeling 2013 will be a magnificent year.

Thank you so much for hanging out here this year, and I look forward more adventures and misadventures.

Happy New Year, everyone!

May all your dreams come true and best wishes to all your future endeavors.


Kate, over and out.


  1. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. You definitely deserve every ounce of success you get/have received already.


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