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Today, I'm hosting the magnificent Justine Dell, who shares with us her top 5 Christmas movies. Her number 3 is my personal favorite. She's right. You gotta love Tim Allen. He's hilarious in The Santa Clause.

If you haven't seen any of the movies listed here today, now's a great time to have a movie marathon!

Okay, Justine, take it away!


Hello blogosphere! First, thanks to Kate for letting me hop onto her blog during her 24 days of giveaways! WHOOT! Let’s get this party started with my FIVE favorite Christmas movies!

First up, SCROOGED.

This is my FAVORITE. I mean, come on. Bill Murray gets visited by all the spirits of Christmas past, present, and future while learning the importance of Christmas. Not only does this movie teach a valuable lesson, it’s also funny as all get-out! “Look Frank…it’s a TOASTER!”


This movie should make any family feel better if they think their family is a little cray-cray. Chevy Chase is hilarious as the patriarch of the family trying to keep his stuff together over the holidays. You’ve got uptight neighbors, a fried cat, Christmas lights galore, and a grandmother who puts cat food in her jello-mold. Hilarious!


I’m a HUGE fan of Tim Allen (ever since those Home Improvement days) so what better film to watch than a comedy about him becoming Santa when he sees Ol’ Saint Nick take a tumble off his roof. Again it’s a movie that teaches a valuable lesson with bits of humor. I love those kinds of movies!


This movie came out when I was a young-in’ and it made me wish that I could be home alone during the holidays. Or anytime for that matter. I didn’t have a mean older brother or parents who didn’t listen to me, but the idea would still be cool! Except for the burglars. That wouldn’t be so awesome.

And finally, the 1964 RUDOLF THE REDNOSE REINDEER.

I mean, it was stop motion! Think of how long that movie took to make. Not only that, it was cute. I loved the reindeer games, the misfits and the abominable snowman. And in the end, the lil’ guy that had such a hard time gets his dream come true. It’s a classic.

So tell me, dear bloggy readers, what is your favorite Christmas movie?


And because this is 24 days of GIVEAWAYS, I’m going to give a lucky blog reader a signed copy of my book, Recaptured Dreams.

First, here’s a little about ol’ me:

Justine lives in the Midwest, happily catering to her family, which consists of a horse-obsessed teenage daughter and four dogs. She’s never moved from her hometown, but hopes to grow old in a much warmer climate.

During the day she works a normal job with college students who try their best to keep her young. They’ve done a good job thus far. At night, said teenage daughter and her horse require mounds of love and attention. The weekends belong solely to her and her writing. That’s when she morphs into a sticky bug, unable to leave the confines of her computer chair.

She started writing three years ago after seeing a movie that set off a chain reaction she couldn’t have stopped if she’d wanted. It’s not a hobby for her; it’s an obsession. One she loves and one she loves to share.


And here’s the info on the book you can win TODAY!

Isn't the cover gorgeous?
Ten years, the Atlantic Ocean, and several rungs in society have kept Xavier Cain from having Sophia Montel. Now twenty-seven, he’s spent his entire adult life building a fashion empire that could finally prove his worth to her family. When fate reunites him with Sophia at London’s premiere fashion show, one problem lodges in Xavier’s path: Sophia doesn’t remember him.

The only obstacle that has kept Sophia from Xavier is a horrific car crash that erased her memory at seventeen. She’s spent the last ten years fighting to reclaim a sliver of her past that her mother refuses to help her remember. When Sophia meets Xavier at the London show, however, all her fantasies come to life in one night of passion. Discovering he is the missing link, she is determined to find all the pieces to their love story and her memory.

Xavier wants forever. Sophia wants her memory. If they take this chance, they’ll have to start over. How far are they willing to go get what they want? And when the past catches up to them, can they handle the truths it has hidden?

Watch the awesome trailer:

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Grab your copy today!

Thank you so much for that great post, JD! I'm personally putting all those movies on my to watch list this holiday season. Some I have already seen and would love to revisit and others I have yet to watch and am excited to. Thank you for your wonderful suggestions.

Click on the titles to bring you to the IMDB page of all the movies suggested in this post.

*rubs hands together*

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What an awesome second day!

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

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  1. Gotta go with Christmas Vacation. Julia Louis-Dreyfus makes that movie! (Along with the poor fried kitty.)

    Is the giveaway supposed to be open now?

  2. I've always enjoyed watching Home Alone :)

    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  3. Hmmm...I think mine is still A Christmas Story but I also like Jingle All the Way.

  4. A Christmas Carol (the Animation with Jim Carrey)

  5. Great interview, Justine! Thanks for such a great idea, Kate. Can't wait to read the others.

  6. Awesome picks, Justine! I love all these movies. Add in Elf & the original Grinch and we've got the perfect list ;)

  7. Christmas does not start until we've watched Christmas Vacation. Merry Christmas! S#%*er's full!

  8. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon version & Jim Carey version) and Home Alone are my favorite Christmas movies.

  9. OMG love love LOVE Christmas Vacation and Rodolph! Two of my favorite Christmas movies, along with A Christmas Story "You'll shoot your eye out!" and we can't forget Elf. Will Ferrell eating the cotton balls cracks me up for days.

  10. I love 3 Days.

  11. Thanks for having me today, Kate! Glad to see everyone's a fan of Christmas movies. :-)


  12. Love all your Christmas movies you have listed. One of my favorites is the animated version of 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' (1966)

  13. Hi,

    I love Home Alone! But my all time favourite has to be Elf... Adore it!

  14. Awwww It's a Wonderful Life and The Great Escape (not really an x-mas film but it gets shown here on the telly every Christmas!). Take care

  15. Miracle on 34th street, original black and white version

  16. They are all great Christmas movies, I'd say my favorite is the Santa Clause.

  17. LOVE White Christmas!! Watch it every year!

  18. Scrooged is an all-time favorite! Bill Murray at his bestest:-)

    But in terms of classics, I have to say Its a Wonderful Life is the best - i know everyone is sick of it and its uber sappy, but I cry every time.

    Your book sounds awesome! Happy Holidays!

  19. Love your movie picks, but I must admit I haven't seen Scrooged before. Must add that to my list!

  20. My favorite modern Christmas movie is Christmas at the Kranks. But, the Grinch is my all time favorite -- slunking...I love that word by Dr. Seuss!


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