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Yes, three exclamation marks.

I started my 2013 finishing up Unreap My Heart, which is the second book in the Reaper Song series I have with Omnific Publishing. I'm super excited to show you this story. Got new characters. And Balthazar. Seriously. You have to read Unreap just for him. I promise. *laughs*

Anyway, at right about the end of my writing escapade with Balthazar, I received my editorial notes from the AMAZING Liz Pelletier and Guillian Helm. They are the tag team editing Til Death. Yes, amazing had to be in all caps.

The journey to editing Til Death is a surprising one. I hadn't read the manuscript in awhile, and when I finally got my editing notes, it was like I was reading the story for the very first time again. I loved it! I got to see the story with fresh eyes and a totally different perspective. I laughed so hard at so many parts -- of course, no matter how much I want to share what the story is about, I can't. *giggles*

I can't wait to share Dillan's and Selena's story with all of you. If you want an ARC of Til Death, you can join this fantastic giveaway.

For my first round of edits, I converted the point of view from third person to first person. Here's a little secret: Til Death, which used to be Hunter's Moon, started out in the first person. *grins* But when I first wrote Til Death, I didn't know most of what I know today. So, when I started converting the point of view this time around I had so much fun adding lots of things I missed when I first started out.

Once I finished the conversion, I very excitedly returned the new and improved manuscript to my wonderful editors. Then they gave me my notes.
If you squint hard enough, you can read the first 2 pages.

I love editorial notes because they guide me. When writing, the options are infinite that it's very easy to get lost. Sometimes I don't see the different avenues I can take. Editorial notes help me explore the avenues I've missed the first time around. This is why I'm obsessed with the editing process.

Today, I finished the second round of edits and have sent out the manuscript. Til Death is now resembling a novel more and more. Which gets me all excited. I can't wait for the line edits because this is the part where I know the specifics of what to add and remove and shift around. *rubs hands together*

While I'm waiting, I'm jumping into editing Unreap My Heart. Nothing like being busy, busy, busy.

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