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Got some awesome news for everyone!

I wanted to invite you and everyone you know to the #PinoysTalkYA happening this Friday, Feb. 15 on Twitter. I'm the guest author, but the chat isn't exclusive to stuff about me. It's really more about all things YA, and I thought you would want to participate. Here are the details of the event:

"The Twitter chat would go live every first Friday and third Friday of the month that starts at 7 PM until 8 PM. The chat will be moderated by yours truly (Von from Mr. Bookwonder) and the lovely ladies from Amaterasu Reads, Kai and Fragments of Life, Precious. There will be discussions about YA books of course, there will be giveaways, and the most exciting part of this chat is that we can invite authors too--both local and international! We are also in the midst of contacting National Book Store and Fully Booked regarding this. Hopefully, they will love this idea and join with us (along with their followers too)."

The time is in Philippine time, so check your time zone. We welcome everyone from around the world. I'm super excited to chat with all of you about all things YA.

During the chat, please use the hashtag #PinoysTalkYA during the event so we catch your tweets.

Any promotion you could do about #PinoysTalkYA is highly appreciated. I hope we can all meet up on Twitter this Friday and have a YA chat. *hugs*

Have a great week ahead!

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