In Which I Have a Massive Crush on Brendan Fraser


Do you recall the movie Mrs. Winterbourne? It came out in 1996, my first year in high school. Me, a young impressionable girl. The movie, a romance with Brendan Fraser in it. The reason why I bring this up on the eve of finishing the rewrite of my super secret project is because I watched the movie again. My dad mentioned it at breakfast this morning, telling me about how he stayed up all night since it was showing on HBO. He asked if I could find a copy and I did. So, after dinner, the whole family sat down to watch Mrs. Winterbourne.

All my first year high school memories came flooding back. Mostly my massive crush on Brendan Fraser. Oh come on. Back then he was hot. George Clooney who? George of the Jungle hadn’t come out yet. Don’t get me started on that movie.

Anyway, in Mrs. Winterbourne, Brendan plays a wealthy businessman who belongs to a wealthy family. He’s cold, distant, and definitely suspicious of Connie when she crashes into their home with a baby pretending to be the widow of his deceased twin brother.

Back when I first watched Mrs. Winterbourne, I thought the story made so much sense. What did I know? Now, it makes less sense and the characters and storyline weren’t developed enough, but I still drooled over Brendan Fraser. Yes, I have to mention his whole name.

Watching Brendan Fraser (sick of the name yet?) reminded me of a time when I didn’t know much about life. Everything was pure. The white knight scenario the coolest thing I could ever think of. Every girl has to have her white knight, right?

Jump seventeen years later and still the idea of having a crush on Brendan Fraser puts a little twinkle in my eye, wakes up those dormant butterflies in my stomach. Even now, when I write stories for a living, I still think about my white knight. He may not be so clean cut anymore. He may not always have the heroine’s best interest at heart. But he sure knows how to sweep her off her feet.

Today my white knight may not have Brendan Fraser’s face anymore because let’s face it he hasn’t aged well. But I remember the days when I watched him on the big screen and the small one and hoped. Hoped for a day when my white knight would come. See how irrational I get because of one damn movie? I blame it on the hormones and the fact that I’m almost done with the rewrite. Yes, folks, two more chapters to go.

Anyway, Brendan Fraser, wherever you are, know that you still have a fan and I don’t hold you starring in Mrs. Winterbourne opposite Riki Lake against you. The movie still does make me swoon. That tango seen? Those chase kisses? Ah. I’m just full of mush. Or full of shit. You pick.

Who’s your freshman high school crush? Which movie was he or she in? 

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