Writing – The Solitary Art

~Taken at the Singapore Art Gallery~
I've always wanted to post the essay I sent to the Ken Spillman Grant. I think now's as good a time as any. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Writing – The Solitary Art
By Kate Evangelista

Patricia Duncker once quoted that writing is a solitary art done behind closed doors. In an age where the internet has made the world a smaller place, writing doesn’t seem like such a solitary art anymore. There is social media. There are writing groups and critique partners and beta readers. Writers can reach out, communicate with each other. Even I, a writer from the Philippines, managed to contact publishers in the United States via the internet. But even with the internet, a writer can still sometimes feel alone.

Day in and day out, I spend more time in front of my computer than actually interacting with readers and my peers. I devote myself to practicing my craft, to writing the stories of the characters in my head. They say, to be successful at something, you must put in your ten thousand hours. And that is what I am doing now, which definitely adds to the writing is a solitary art philosophy I mentioned above.

Even with my love for the written word, I am still human, and humans crave interaction. I found out about the Asian Festival of Children’s Content and the subsidy being offered by Ken Spillman late one night. I immediately knew I needed to apply. As a writer in the Philippines, it is beyond my current means to attend conferences in the United States. Since the AFCC is being held in Singapore, I thought I finally have a chance to interact with my peers.

As a Young Adult and New Adult writer, I spend most of my time in the world of my characters. Although this is an enjoyable experience, I also crave speaking and connecting with like-minded individuals about my work. The AFCC offers me a chance to interact with industry professionals and other writers. This is an invaluable resource. Being a part of a community is just as important as the writing itself.

I believe attending the AFCC will only enrich me as a writer because a large part of writing comes from the experiences of the author. Through the AFCC, I get to connect, to interact, and to introduce myself. This in turn shows me that writing is not just a solitary art. It is connecting with readers and fellow authors. By being granted the Ken Spillman subsidy, doors I once thought were closed will be opened—maybe even a window or two.

I do not wish to just bring back memories from the AFCC when I return to my solitary art. I want to return with an enriched experience, a pocket full of adventure, and an address book filled with new friends and acquaintances. I want to blog about my experience. Tweet about it. Post my pictures on Facebook. It is my hope that you consider my application at its purest form; basically, as a writer who once in a while likes to leave the solitary practice of writing to share what she knows with others.  

There's a Twitter Party Afoot

Let the image above serve as your formal invitation to the #Omnilicious Twitter Party happening May 31st, 7PM EST. Make sure to attend. The sexy ladies at Omnific have plans for all of you. Fun plans.

Not only is there a party, there's a Scavenger Hunt to boot! Here's what you need to know:


Twitter Party 31st May 2013 at 7.00pm EST

Follow the links to the Authors blogs and collect the numbered letters for the secret word. As soon as you’ve worked out the word, enter the word and your twitter handle into the form. Entries are open from the day before the party and close at the end of the party when winners will be announced.

Want to know what the prizes are? Here's the list:

e-Book Packs on offer

Young Adult Pack

Reaping Me Softly by Kate Evangelista
Ember by Carol Oates
Shades of Atlantis by Carol Oates 
Embrace by Cherie Colyer

New Adult Pack

Streamline by Jennifer Lane
Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia
Three Daves by Nicki Elson
Eve of Samhain by Lisa Sanchez

Contemporary Adult Pack

All-American Girl by Justine Dell
Recaptured Dreams by Justine Dell
Cocktails & Dreams by Autumn Markus
Pieces of Us by Hannah Downing
Cat O’ Nine Tails by Patricia Leever 
With Good Behavior by Jennifer Lane

Paranormal Adult Pack

Divine Temptation by Nicki Elson
Blood Vine by Amber Belldene
Crushed Seraphim by Debra Anastasia
Seers of Light by Jennifer DeLucy
Divinity by Patricia Leever
Grave Refrain: A Ghost/Love Story by Sarah M. Glover

If that weren't enough, there will be SWAG thrown around as special prizes as well. Make sure to participate in both the scavenger hunt and the twitter party. You could be one of the many winners. Get crazy with us. Get #Omnilicious

When you join the party, make sure to add the hashtag in red to your messages.

Once you have all the letters on the hunt, make sure to fill out the form below:

Make sure to check out the links below to find those letters on our author's blogs.

Crossing Over: Writing for Both Children and Teens

Out of all the sessions I attended today I enjoyed Crossing Over the most. Reenita, Adeline, and Shamini weren't just informative, they were hilarious as well. I kept snickering. Well, everyone in the room kept snickering. I love fun sessions like this one.

Here's what you need to know about the session:

REENITA MALHOTRA HORA (Author, Journalist), ADELINE FOO (Author)


Writing for children and writing for teens may look alike at first glance, but both need a different touch. What may hit the mark for a teen audience may fly way over the head of a child, and a joke that appeals to younger kids may not elicit the reaction you want from a teen. Join authors Adeline Foo and Reenita Malhotra Hora as they discuss the difference between writing for the child and the teen reader.

The three began by defining YA.

Here's what I've learned:

  • YA is defined by the topics and issues tackled within the story.
  • It's about writing for teenagers but consciously crossing over for adults (a large readership) as well.
At the end of the day, we are all in Neverland.

This resonated deeply with me. There are parts of our youth that we never let go of. There are issues that we never really quite resolved. 

One more thing I took away?

Teens are sophisticated beings.

Already knew this inherently, but having others affirm it beings peace to my writing heart. Writing YA doesn't mean dumb-ing down the story. It's all the more important to write intelligently.

Lastly, when you write for YA you write a hopeful ending.

It's not about the having a definite ending. It's about leaving the readers hopeful for a better tomorrow. I love that!

Have I already said that I loved this session?

Novels Set in Asia: Selling Them Overseas

As I sit in my hotel room during the lunch gap at the AFCC between sessions, I think about all the things that I'd planned on doing during this event that didn't go the way I'd hoped.

First, I brought with me bookmarks showcasing my books. I imagined myself the social butterfly, mingling with my peers and handing bookmarks out the prospective readers. Basically, putting myself out there. Having choked on a number of occasions involving the need to be social, I can say I'm familiar with my shy self. Beyond my control, my inner introvert decided to get out of bed today. I feel my self-promotion plan slipping through my fingers. Maybe I can remedy this in the afternoon stretch of sessions.

Second, I'd planned on live blogging during this event. Sadly, I couldn't access the WiFi. *le sigh* Hence my afternoon lunch of mint cookies while I type like a mad woman.

Instead of wasting more of your time, lets get right to it.

There are several sessions happening simultaneously during the first day of the Writers and Illustrators Conference part of the AFCC. I've carefully planned my day around the sessions I believe will benefit me as a writer.

The first is titled Novels Set in Asia.

Summary: We need more books in the mass market that are set in Asia.

The keynote speaker for the session is HOLLY THOMPSON (Author).


Here's a little info about the session:

Novels set in Asia face certain challenges when marketed abroad in non-Asian cultures. What can we do to give our Asia-based stories their best chances of success overseas? Author Holly Thompson, winner of the APALA Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature, will examine the challenges and offer ideas for solutions.

What I took away from this?

As a Filipino writer living in the Philippines, I must challenge myself in writing a novel that is set in my own country or at least have a character from my own country. I may have a novel like that already in my head. I'm just waiting for the right time to listen to my character.

Is it really that hard to sell a novel set in an Asian country? Jay Kristoff doesn't seem to think so. His Lotus War trilogy is definitely a book to be read. Memoirs of a Geisha is a wonderful novel that brings the readers into the secret world of a Geisha. My knowledge of books is very limited. I certainly read less than a fraction of what's out there, so maybe there are more books set in Asia that I don't know about. Surely, there has to be more.

At the end of the day, the setting can enhance the novel, but it's really the story that holds everything together. Write a compelling story. Something the readers gravitate to and it doesn't matter where it's set. Sounds easy, but totally not. Although, I do agree there should be more novels set in Asia.

Hello, Singapore!

It's been five years, but I'm BACK!

My first visit to Singapore happened just after I left teaching to become an Essay Consultant. I went with a friend. We met up with her boyfriend and he gave us the grand tour. I think I had less than 500 SGD at the time. Probably even only 200, but I made it through.

What I loved the most about Singapore was the fact that it reminded me of the Philippines, only cleaner and more organized. I'm not ragging on my homeland. I believe the Philippines can be so much better. Singapore can be like a goal that can be achieved.

Anyway, now I'm back and I'm totally loving every minute of it.

At the beginning of this year, I found myself writing four books in three months. Basically, my brain imploded. I practically begged for a vacation, as some of you might have heard. *cough* Angie *cough*

During this time, I applied for the Ken Spillman Grant. Totally forgot about it because of the four books I now had to edit. Long story short, I got the grant and tomorrow I'm attending my very first conference. Yey!

The flight was smooth, the trip from the airport to the hotel went without a hitch. It was at the hotel that we hit a sag. Let's just say the hotel I chose didn't fit the Momager's expectations. So, she went all Emily Gilmore on me, and now I find myself at a hotel just across the street from the National Library. I'm totally not complaining.

After lots of walking today, I'm ready to snuggle up in the awesomely soft bed to my right. Tomorrow, watch out for my posts. I'll be blogging live from the AFCC. Lots of people to meet. Lots of stuff to learn. *excited*

NBDB's Little Lit Festival

I wanted to take this moment to invite readers and bloggers from the Philippines to the Little Lit Festival. Here's the deets:

On May 30-31, the National Book Development Board (NBDB) will organize the first NBDB's Little Lit Fest at the Museo Pambata, an international gathering of content creators and producers with parents, teachers, librarians, and anyone interested in quality books for children.

NBDB spearheads this festival, the first of its kind in the Philippines, to respond to a growing market demand for new and exciting content for children and young adult readers. We have invited international authors and editors coming from diverse cultural backgrounds to join Philippine authors in conversations about literature and the writing craft.

The two-day festival, which will be held at the Museo Pambata at Roxas Boulevard cor. South Drive, Manila, hopes to attract book and literature enthusiasts, teachers, students, librarians, publishers, and authors from all over the country. It will also include panel discussions, workshops, a book and craft fair, exhibits, and performances.

Speaking of panel discussions, I'm a part of one! Here's the deets for that:

Date & Time
31 May 2013,

Environment Room
The reading and writing life
YA writers will meet with teachers and parents to talk about the importance of reading and their creative processes.

I will be joined by:

MINA V. ESGUERRA writes contemporary romance, young adult, and new adult novellas. Her young adult/fantasy trilogy Interim Goddess of Love is a college love story featuring gods from Philippine mythology. Her contemporary romance novella Fairy Tale Fail won the 2012 Filipino Readers' Choice award for Chick Lit. Through her blog Publishing in Pajamas (, she documents her experiments in e-publishing. When not writing romance, she is president of communications firm Bronze Age Media, development communication consultant, indie publisher, professional editor, wife, and mother. She created the workshop series "Author at Once" for writers and publishers, and she currently runs a free online Contemporary Romance Novella writing class on Facebook.  


FLOR MARIE STA. ROMANA-CRUZ is a freelance journalist, educator, book reviewer, children's book writer, and Chair of the National Book Development Board. She was a longstanding faculty member of International School Manila until her retirement. She was former chair of the Philippine Board on Books for Young People.  She continues to be a reading advocate today as trustee and trainer of the Teach for the Philippines Foundation (formerly the Sa Aklat Sisikat Foundation) and the Department of Education's Library Hub which dreams of building a nation through reading promotion programs in public schools. She writes a column on literacy and education for the Philippine Daily Inquirer and writes occasional reviews.

I hope you can come! It's gonna be really fun.

On the same day, I will have a table at the Exhibition and will be selling copies of Taste and Reaping Me Softly. If you'd like to meet me in person and have me sign your books, I will be at the festival by 1pm. I have amazing swag to giveaway at my table, so please be sure to come and visit with me. Say a quick hello. Let's take pictures. Grab a book or two.

See you there!

A Visit from the Awesome Katie O’Sullivan

Today, I have a special post for all of you. I've been visited. Or should I say the blog. You might have heard that my fellow Crescent Moon Press author, Katie O’Sullivan, has a coming release: Son of a Mermaid. You gotta check it out. But not before you finish reading this post.

Take it away, Katie!


Hi, Kate! Thanks so much for inviting me to be on your blog today to talk about my new release, SON OF A MERMAID. It’s a great YA summer book, published by Crescent Moon Press and available now! I’m splashing around the blogosphere on my “Splash Into Summer” blog tour and am so happy to have landed in your corner of the world!

The book is about – big surprise – mermaids! I’ve always loved mermaids, and anything to do with mermaids! Splash, starring Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks, ranks up there as one of my favorite chic flicks.

And since I live on Cape Cod, there’s plenty of mermaid art and whatnot all over the place! (and, as a result, all around my home, too!) I love living near the ocean. Walking on the beach at sunrise or sunset, it’s hard to imagine there aren’t mermaids swimming just below the surface.

The main character of my novel, Shea MacNamara, grew up on a farm in Oklahoma far away from any oceans. When a freak tornado destroys his farm, he has to move back east, to Cape Cod, where his father was born and raised. He gets his first view of the Atlantic Ocean and feels its power. He meets a mysterious girl in his new neighborhood. A girl with secrets – and who knows some secrets about Shea as well.

I think the first time we actually get to “see” any mermaid magick is in Chapter Six. It’s the first time the reader knows for sure that Kae is actually a mermaid. (Well, except that it tells you she is on the back of the book. But in terms of the story, this next scene confirms it all!)


Son of a Mermaid excerpt

She climbed up onto the jetty, and walked carefully to the end of the rocky outcropping. The sky above her had already changed from its hesitant pastels of early morning to a brilliant shade of blue, the few clouds having evaporated like morning mist on the ocean. Seagulls wheeled overhead in slow lazy circles.

At the jetty’s end, she clambered nimbly down the algae-covered boulders. She sat on the one lowest to the waterline, feet dangling ankle deep in the lapping waves. Putting one hand around the stone medallion hanging at her neck, she closed her eyes and recited the words her mother had taught her long ago. “A pedibus usque ad caput mutatio.”

Suddenly, the sun seemed to shine more brightly on the water at her feet, orangey and yellow sparks dancing on the blue green surface. Kae watched the sparkles slide soundlessly along the surface straight toward her, to where her feet made contact with the lapping saltwater. The dancing lights ran up both her legs, shimmering along the skin as they twined up her thighs. Sitting very still, she kept her hand on the transmutare stone, rubbing her thumb in slow circles around its rim. The whole process took mere seconds until the twinkling lights receded back down to the water’s surface, leaving behind a glittering green mermaid tail where once two separate legs had been.


In conjunction with my Splash Into Summer blog tour, there’s a Rafflecopter giveaway going on, now through June 21. One of the prizes is a beach stone necklace, similar to the transmutare necklaces the mermaids in my story wear! And there’s an ebook up for grabs as well as some cool swag!

Thanks for inviting me over today, Kate! It’s been fun talking about my book!


It's my pleasure, Katie! You're always welcome on my blog. Happy sales to you! *hugs*

Here's what you need to know about Katie and her wonderful novel:

Book Blurb:

Shea MacNamara's life just got complicated.

After a freak tornado devastates his Oklahoma farm, the fifteen-year-old orphan moves to Cape Cod to live with a grandmother he's never met. Struggling to make sense of his new surroundings, he meets a girl along the shore who changes his life forever.

Kae belongs to an undersea world hidden from drylanders. The daughter of royal servants, she knows the planned marriage of her Princess to the foreign King should put an end to the war between the clans. Two things stand in the way of lasting peace: an ambitious Regent and rumors of a half-human child who will save the oceans.

Sparks fly when she meets Shea, but could the cute drylander really be the Son of a Mermaid?

About the Author:

Katie O’Sullivan lives with her family and big dogs next to the ocean on Cape Cod, drinking way too much coffee and inventing new excuses not to dust. She writes YA and romantic suspense novels, and works as an editor making other people’s words sparkle. For the last four years, she’s been the Editor of magazine and writes a column entitled “The Write Way.”

She hopes her debut YA novel, SON OF A MERMAID, will make a big splash this summer, engaging young readers with a Cape Cod tale of a boy who discovers both his roots and his destiny far below the waters of Nantucket Sound.

Find Katie online:
Follow her Blog –
Like her on Facebook -
Check out her website at
Add Son of a Mermaid on Goodreads:

Guess what? Katie is having a giveaway in conjunction to her release. Here's what you can win:

Join by using the Rafflecopter widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Birthdays, Swag Giveaways, and ARC Sign Ups

What a whirlwind month I'm having and it's not over yet. *excited* With birthdays, giveaways, cover reveals...the list just goes on and on. Next week, I'll be in Singapore to attend the Asian Festival for Children's Content or AFCC. My very first conference and I'm hella excited.

First order of business for this post is a sneak peak at my 30th birthday party. There was a torrent of rain that day, which I consider a blessing in the heat. The party still went off without a hook. There was lots of food, close family and friends who've seen me grow up, and 30 cupcakes with 30 candles to blow. I really felt the love that day. Here's a little video of that night:

Nobody told me blowing out 30 candles takes more than one deep breath. I hope my wish comes true.

A special thanks goes to everyone who greeted me via the internet. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here's to another fantastic year filled with writing books, editing, cover reveals, and releases!

On my birthday, the first of my series of Swag Madness giveaways went live. Today, I would love to announce the winner. Please bring your hands together for:

Congratulations, Sherry! I've sent you an email regarding your win.

As for everyone else, I have more giveaways coming up. Lots more swag to share with all of you. Make sure to stalk me on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest deets.

And for the most important part of this post, the Romancing the Bookworm ARC sign ups! Yes, folks, you can gain a copy of the new adult romance that will heat up this summer. Make sure to sign up today, slots are limited.

Be one of the first to read Romancing the Bookworm. Click here.

Romancing the Bookworm Cover Reveal

The time has come!

I've been waiting for this day for some time now. As I may have mentioned already, because of unforeseen circumstances, we had to change the title of Maverick to Romancing the Bookworm. I know one word titles are powerful, but multi-word titles work just as well. Luckily, we managed to make the change right before the cover reveal.

Please celebrate this day with me by spreading the cover. Grab it from this post and post it on your blog, tweet about it, or post it on your Facebook wall.

Let's not waste any more time and reveal this baby.

 photo RomancingBookworm_Cover_zpscc5bf722.jpg

Isn't it gorgeous? Perfect for some HOTT summer reading. If you want to get a taste, make sure to get to know Xavier and Tamara.

Here's everything you need to know about the book:

Title: Romancing the Bookworm
Author: Kate Evangelista
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Genre: Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Expected release date: July 9, 2013
Cover reveal organized by: AToMR Tours

 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus_zpsa971cb04.png   

Sometimes, even the best-laid plans can unravel.

It's spring break, and Tamara Winters would rather stay on campus and read romance novels than flaunt her size-fourteen body on a beach. But her best friend, Ronni, has other ideas. Against her wishes, Tamara is whisked away to picturesque Maverick Bay, where she's wrangled into waiting tables with Ronni at the Shore Shack for its busy week leading to Maverick's Surf Invitational. There she meets fellow schoolmate Xavier Solomon, the Invitational's organizer and campus womanizer by reputation. From the moment Tamara sees him emerging from the waves like a hero in of one of her romance novels, all she wants to do is run away from the feelings he inspires in her.

Little does she know Xavier has been watching her for weeks now. In fact, after failed attempts at asking her out on campus, he's concocted a crazy plan: fabricating romantic situations straight out of her favorite books. Xavier quickly realizes that if Tamara gets a whiff of his designs, he might as well spell CREEPER across his forehead. Yet as they grow closer, he's convinced it's a risk worth taking. What he hasn't planned on, of course, is his drug-addicted, alcoholic stepbrother, who decides to join the fun and put a wrench in Xavier’s scheme.

Spring break is proving hotter than Tamara expected. Will her romance novels be able to compete?

About the Author

When Kate Evangelista was told she had a knack for writing stories, she did the next best thing: entered medical school. After realizing she wasn't going to be the next Doogie Howser, M.D., Kate wandered into the Literature department of her university and never looked back. Today, she is in possession of a piece of paper that says to the world she owns a Literature degree. To make matters worse, she took Master's courses in creative writing. In the end, she realized to be a writer, none of what she had mattered. What really mattered? Writing. Plain and simple, honest to God, sitting in front of her computer, writing. Today, she lives in the Philippines and writes full-time.

Thank you so much, AToMR and the awesome Traci for putting together this cover reveal!

   photo AToMRTours_zpse9017e91.jpg

SWAG Madness Giveaway Part 1

It's m'birthday! It's m'birthday!
Throw your hands up in the air.
I know these references date me back to prehistoric times,
But I just don't care!

Yup. At my failed attempt at a rap, it is indeed my birthday. *fires confetti canon*

I turn 30 today! *fireworks*

For you kids out there, this might sound ancient. Believe me, there are mornings when I wake up and I feel ancient. But still loving every minute of it! The lesson here is, party hard, lovelies. Just make sure not to regret it later. *laughs*

To celebrate turning 30-hundred years old, I've put together the first of many* SWAG Madness giveaways for all of you.

This one is Taste themed.

Check out what you stand to win. *cue pictures please*

Vertical View

Horizontal View

This is the SWAG pack I've been putting together since I thought of #SwagMadness. Isn't it awesome?

Since I'm 30 today, I'm giving away 30 things in connection to or is in the theme of Taste. Here's the list:

Red Tote Bag
Red Travel Case
Taste Notebook
Taste Bookmark
Taste Cover Sticker
Mini Note Pad
Red Pen
Black Pen
Round Key Chain
Oval Key Chain
5 Book Plates
3 Taste Note Cards
3 Clips in the shape of  two shields and a sword
Leather ID Case
Red Brooch
Black Brooch
Red Bead Bracelet
Black Bead Bracelet
Vintage Inspired Earrings
Flower Stick-on
Vintage Necklace

I love mixing things up by giving away Taste related stuff and cute things I find along the way in the color scheme I have chosen for this particular SWAG Pack.

Are you ready for a chance to win?

Or should I say, are you ready for several chances to win the whole shebang?

Well, use the rafflecopter widget before it's too late!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
*Here's a little secret: Each SWAG Pack for every giveaway will contain a mix of different stuff. *wiggles eyebrows*

Mom's Day

“Mothers are beautiful women. They know the true meaning of unconditional love. This is why they have a day to honor them.”

In short, moms are awesome!

I’m writing this post in honor of my mother, even if I know she won’t get a chance to read it because she isn’t exactly net savvy. Well, more like she thinks the internet is for emails and shopping, and she does neither of these things. You get the idea.

Anyway, if there was one person I can say I truly love, it’s my mother. My father is a close second because I’ve always been a daddy’s girl and we have a special bond between us. But Lord knows I’m responsible for several white strands on his head too.

My mother is at the top of my list because she is the epitome of unconditional love. And I’m ashamed to admit that it took me years to finally realize this. I wish I could say I was an easy teen to raise. I wish I was a role model of a daughter growing up. Unfortunately, my mother got the short end of the stick on that one. I understand that I could have been worse, but I was bad enough to cause great heartache.

What I didn’t know at the time was how much she loved me. I can’t remember how many times I said I hated her after a shouting match. If I was my daughter, I wouldn’t know what I would have done. I always thought she didn’t understand or support me. When I came to her for comfort, she would say, “Stop crying.” I resented her for that, but now I know that she asked me to stop crying because she couldn’t stand seeing me hurt.

There was even a time when I doubted that she loved me. That was how crazy self-centered I was. I was blind to everything my mother did for me. All the sacrifices she made to send me to a good school. I never wanted for nothing. And yet, I treated her like crap. I was an angry teen. I was angry at the world and everyone in it. I sought love in all the wrong places because I thought she didn’t love me. But, boy, was I so wrong. Seriously. When I look back at who I was years ago, I put my mother, who did nothing but try to understand me the best way she could, through hell.

I tear up when I write this because of the guilt I continue to carry inside for the things I have done. Yet never did she stop loving me. Most people would have kicked me out, but she kept me close. She stayed patient. Stayed strong. Road out the storm. I cannot thank her enough for her solid presence in my life. I don’t think I would have survive myself if she ever turned her back on me.

I love my mother. And ever if I tell her this each and every day, I still feel like it isn’t enough. My mother and I had to go through fire to find each other. Today, after walking miles over broken glass, I couldn’t be prouder to be called my mother’s daughter. Her guidance and love continue to mold me into the woman I am today. Every smile on her face tells me she loves me. Every hug and kiss she gives me shows me I’m a vital part of her life. And despite all the grief I have put her through she’s forgiven me with very little admonition.

So, mothers are awesome.

On this day, one that is for mothers, give the woman a hug and a kiss. She deserves it and more. Maybe throw in an “I love you, Mom” in there for good measure. She’s the one who’s kissed away all the hurt. She’s the one who scared away the monsters under your bed. She’s the one who wakes up earlier than everyone else to cook breakfast and make sure everything is ready for the new day. And she is the last one to go to sleep at night because she worries about what to do the next day.

Moms are not perfect, by any measure. They are human after all. They make mistakes too. But, by God, they come pretty close to being perfect. Remember that when you make a mistake. When you raise your voice in anger. When you feel that she doesn’t love you.

If your relationship with your mother right now is rocky, know that it will not always be that way. I thought I would never patch things up with my mother when I was younger. Today, I couldn’t think of a better person to have by my side.

To all moms out there: Happy mother’s day!

I am in awe of your strength and capacity to love.

Sweet Mother of a Post

Okay, before I get into the nitty of this post, I want to remind everyone that my Swag Madness Giveaway launches in 4 days. So I want to show all of you another lovely that I'm adding to the Swag Pack I'll be giving away. Check them out:

Alright, let's focus on the meat of this post.

My fellow Omnific sister, Nicki Elson, proposed this wonderful post idea for mother's day. We're celebrating early by publishing our posts on May 9.  Nicki cooked up the idea of doing a group post next Thursday in honor of Mother's Day---just a short post from each of us about how our mom, grandma, mother-figure, or a mother character, either from one of our own books or another, has supported or influenced our writing in any way. And you're all invited to join us!

It's super casual (so caszh there isn't even an icon, imagine that) so all you have to do is write up your mother post, post it, and then mosey over to the Omnific Publishing blog Thursday, May 9, and enter your link into the Blog Bounce before hopping around for some heartwarming mother love.  We're unofficially calling it One Mother of a Blog Hop.

Here are a couple Tweetables, if you are so inclined:

It's going to be one Mother of a Blog Hop!  In which we spew mother love all over the eVerse. Care to join us?

What are you giving your mom this Mother's Day? How about a blog post especially for her?

How has your mom (or gramma or fictional mom) influenced your writing experience? Tell us next Thursday, May 9.

Swag Madness Giveaway Stuff

In my previous post, I mentioned a SWAG giveaway that I'm putting together. Wanna check out just some of the stuff I'll be giving away? It's total madness.


Cover Stickers




and lots more...

Stay tuned!

May Already?

~Grab Your Friend a Copy Today~
I woke up today and it's May? How the hell did that happen? It's like the year is just flying by. I feel like I'll blink and it'll be Christmas all over again. I think the editing and writing marathon I've been on really helped speed up my days. Sometimes, I wake up and don't know what day it is let alone the actual date.

Okay, some of you might have noticed, I've taken down the Taste Birthday Giveaway/Contest. It's been up for a few days now and no one seemed to want to participate so I decided it would be for the best to take it down. But don't worry, I'll have another giveaway. I've been putting together SWAG bags for Taste and Reaping Me Softly with awesome stuff. Once the bags are complete, I'll organize the giveaway.

If you have a picture of you reading Taste, just tweet it to me at @KateEvangelista. If I feature it on my Facebook Page, you win something. Maybe it's an Amazon Gift Card or a signed copy of one of my latest releases or one of the amazing SWAG bags with exclusive stuff.

My Two Words giveaway has ended, and sadly no one was able to guess the two words. It was tough. Two words out of a gazillion? I completely understand, so I decided to still pick out a winner. Put your hands together for:

~Jasmine Chau~

*confetti* Congratulations, Jasmine! Expect an email from me about your prize.

And the two words, if you're still wondering? They are: shaved pussy. *laughs* I know, right? Forgive me.

Alright, that's just about it for me today. I'm in the middle of final edits for Til Death. Watch out, lovelies. ARCs are about to be released. If you haven't added Til Death to your Goodreads TBR list, please do so. Your support is much appreciated. I hear the cover is AWESOME. Can't wait to share it with all of you.

Please stay tuned for more updates here on the blog. Got a birthday coming up. Man, another year, a little bit wiser. It's gonna be fun!

How's your week going so far? Let me know in the comments section.

Have a great rest of the week!
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