Hello, Singapore!

It's been five years, but I'm BACK!

My first visit to Singapore happened just after I left teaching to become an Essay Consultant. I went with a friend. We met up with her boyfriend and he gave us the grand tour. I think I had less than 500 SGD at the time. Probably even only 200, but I made it through.

What I loved the most about Singapore was the fact that it reminded me of the Philippines, only cleaner and more organized. I'm not ragging on my homeland. I believe the Philippines can be so much better. Singapore can be like a goal that can be achieved.

Anyway, now I'm back and I'm totally loving every minute of it.

At the beginning of this year, I found myself writing four books in three months. Basically, my brain imploded. I practically begged for a vacation, as some of you might have heard. *cough* Angie *cough*

During this time, I applied for the Ken Spillman Grant. Totally forgot about it because of the four books I now had to edit. Long story short, I got the grant and tomorrow I'm attending my very first conference. Yey!

The flight was smooth, the trip from the airport to the hotel went without a hitch. It was at the hotel that we hit a sag. Let's just say the hotel I chose didn't fit the Momager's expectations. So, she went all Emily Gilmore on me, and now I find myself at a hotel just across the street from the National Library. I'm totally not complaining.

After lots of walking today, I'm ready to snuggle up in the awesomely soft bed to my right. Tomorrow, watch out for my posts. I'll be blogging live from the AFCC. Lots of people to meet. Lots of stuff to learn. *excited*

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