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I am pleased to have the amazing Kary Rader on the blog today with her latest release. Not only do we have an excerpt for all of you, there's even a giveaway at the very end. Make sure to leave a comment on your way out.

Kary, the blog's all yours.


Kate, thank you for having me on the blog today. You asked me to tell you about my favorite scene in the book. This story is so special to me I had a really tough time, but I found this one was a catalyst for the others and wanted to share.

This is a scene where Gavin has to finally realize that his feelings for Taylor are beyond his control. He’s throwing her a birthday party because they are “friends”—at least that’s what he keeps telling her. She’s invited a date—a very intimidating blond-haired blue-eyed football player date—and Gavin is vacillating between attraction and jealousy. It’s great fun to watch him squirm…and then ultimately realize he’s in love. Torturing my heroes with jealousy is a favorite past-time especially when they take it like a man.
But for Gavin it was necessary because he was closed off because of his mother’s betrayal and hadn’t trusted anyone with his heart since childhood.

I hope you enjoy!

Exclusive Excerpt

Gavin opened his mouth for a clever retort that was on the tip of his tongue when Matt pulled a gift from his pocket. Gavin’s fists clenched until his arms shook.

Daisy Plucker smiled with his straight white teeth. “Birthday girl, I’m not sure what the protocol is for gifts, but here’s one from me.”

Taylor beamed up at the guy and took the gift. She fucking beamed. The small velvet box sat like a lump of coal in the palm of her hand. She opened the hinged container and let out the most disgusting sigh of appreciation.

Maureen asked, “Oh Taylor, what is it?”

Gavin shot her a glare. Et tu?

Taylor held open the box for everyone to see. Gavin lifted his chin and tried to glance disinterestedly at the silver charm bracelet.

“Oh, Matt, I love it.” She threw her arms around him for the second time since he’d walked in the damn door.

Get a room.

Gavin rolled his eyes as she pulled the tinkling mess from the box and held it up like a long, slithering earthworm with tiny bangles.

She studied the two charms. One was a single daisy designed with bright enamel, and the other was a cat. Taylor didn’t even have a cat. She fingered the little feline.

Daisy Plucker smiled and fastened the bracelet around her wrist. How could a big jock be dexterous enough to latch a delicate piece of jewelry?

“You got me a kitten charm?” She gazed up at him.

He stared into her eyes. “I knew you’d remember.” He smiled slyly.

Gavin blurted out, “Well, do tell us the significance.”

Taylor blushed a deep crimson and wouldn’t look at him. Daisy Fucker.

Matt cleared his throat. “It’s just a nickname I used to call Taylor.”

Kitten? He’d called her kitten.

Zelda summoned everyone to the dining room. They sat at the china-and-linen-clad table adorned with fresh flowers and confetti. Taylor sat opposite him next to the Daisy Plucker. Gavin picked at the food on his plate in between glaring at the lovebirds or throwing barbs back and forth with Matt, who admittedly was holding his own.

After the meal, Maureen stood. “We have a special treat in the kitchen.”

They followed her in and gathered around the granite-topped island filled with Taylor’s birthday desserts. She filled her plate with chocolate pie and banana pudding, as did Gavin. Matt took a large piece of pie and stood next to her whispering, laughing and smiling. Always smiling.

Taylor studied his plate. “You didn’t get any pudding.”

“Not yet. I’ll eat some after I finish my pie.”

The memory of her delicately balanced bite filled Gavin’s senses, and his heart pounded against his ribcage. Sensory bliss. He took a bite and savored it, tasting the mixed desserts and desiring nothing more than to savor her in the same way.

He was so busy chewing he almost missed it when she said, “Oh, you have to try them together. It’s amazing.”

He blinked in utter disbelief as he watched her fill her fork and hold it up in offering to Matt. Gavin shook his head, a dangerous pressure building in his chest and exploding at the speed of sound.

The world narrowed and flipped as his priorities realigned. To hell with morals and societal conventions. The dam of reserve and decorum restraining his emotions shattered. All he could think was “Hell no!” And he might have said it out loud because Maureen and John froze wide-eyed.

Engulfed in a tidal wave, Gavin grasped Taylor’s arm right before the bite touched Matt’s lips. He spun her around to face him and poked the fork into his own mouth.

Thanks for letting me share. I hope you consider picking up
A Taylor-Made Life.

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“A Taylor-Made Life”
A Contemporary New Adult with strong romantic elements
By Kary Rader

About A Taylor-Made Life

Five years ago while I was pregnant with my youngest child, my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma cancer. It was a difficult and emotional time in our lives. He’s now well and cancer free, but last year when a friend's daughter was diagnosed with cancer, all those emotions came flooding back. A Taylor-Made Life is the result of those emotions. It's a special story looking for a home in the hearts of readers. I pray you give the characters an opportunity to touch you.

“A Taylor-Made Life is one of the best books I've read this year and it's not one I'll soon forget... Taylor and Gavin stole my heart and my breath, and I wasn't ready to let them go.” – Nikki Barrett, Storm Goddess Book Reviews

"Beautifully written, and I would dare anyone not to cry..... Gavin and Taylor have such depth and emotion, it's hard not to fall in love with them. These two characters will remain in my memory forever." – Melissa Limoges, Insert Clever Quip Here Book Reviews

“6 Stars, 2 full boxes of Kleenex...Beautiful!"a.c. Mason, bestselling author

“Kary Rader is a wonderful new voice in New Adult fiction. Taylor-Made is a must-read.”– Jill Limber, author and editor, Boroughs Publishing Group 

They lived the life they were given; they loved the life they made.

Cheerleader Taylor Smith doesn’t want to die a virgin. Unfortunately, if the terminally-ill leukemia patient doesn't find a lover or a stem-cell match within months, her fear will become reality. When her cancer mentor is revealed to be a hottie entrepreneur from California, it seems fate might finally be on her side.

Tech-geek Gavin Taylor has everything he ever wanted, except someone to grieve for him when he's gone. With his melanoma cancer beyond the help of his riches, he agrees to participate in a cancer patient mentoring program where he's matched with a dying teen from Texas. Despite his immediate attraction, the Silicon Valley whiz intends only to provide friendship and happy memories to the beautiful, young woman who is determined to win his love.

When it's discovered that his frozen sperm and her harvested eggs could lead to a cure, Taylor's mother offers to be a surrogate. And Gavin must decide if he can risk the heart he has never given and a child he'll never know to a girl he just met.

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Author’s Bio:

Kary Rader is a part-time Twitter sage, stay-at-home mother of three, and slave to the characters and worlds inside her head. Always creative, she's drawn to stories with fantastical worlds and creatures. With a little bit of magic and divine guidance, there isn't anything that can't be accomplished with words. It's the power of words that creates and destroys. Vanquishing evil and injustice while finding eternal love in the process is all in a day's work. With the help of her critique partners and master cartographer imaginary places come to life.

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  1. I thought that might be your favorite scene. :) It's mine too. Here's wishing you and TML phenomenal success, Kary! You both deserve it!

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    I finished the book I was reading, so that means TML IS THE NEXT BOOK ON MY READING LIST.

    Congratulations, Kary!

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  4. I love this book. But read with tissues.

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