Wherein I Profess My Eternal Love for Guillermo del Toro

If you’re looking for an unbiased, critical review of Pacific Rim, keep walking my friend. As the title of this post already warns you, this is a total Guillermo del Toro gush fest. I don’t care what others may think of Pacific Rim because I LOVED it. Two hours of my life that I will give to that movie over and over again.

            I first discovered Guillermo, as I affectionately call him in my head, through my seatmate at the office (way back when I still had a 9 to 5). Let’s refer to him as Papa Noel. He turned me on to Pan’s Labyrinth and I can officially say that I’ve never looked back after that. Any movie that has Guillermo del Toro’s name on it I watch. At least the one’s I can get my hands on. If anyone can tell me where I can find Cronos, I will be eternally grateful.

            Anyway, the second I saw the trailer of Pacific Rim last year I knew within three seconds that nothing short of a Zombie Apocalypse would stop me from watching this film. Even then, as the world ends and people are being eaten, I will make a way to the studio, find the master copy, and have my own screening. Then when I realized my beloved Guillermo was helming it, well nothing short of death would stop me—and even then I would find a way to manifest myself in the theatre as a ghost.

            Didn’t I tell you this would be a gush fest?

            Not convinced yet? Well, read on then.

            Pacific Rim is your robots fighting monsters movie. But with Guillermo directing, I knew it would have a pretty decent story line as well. Insert Michael Bay criticism here. I’d say if Michael Bay and Martin Scorsese had a love child, it would be Guillermo del Toro wherein Stephen King adds his DNA into the mix. It works, people. Okay, back to the story line. At the end of the day, the plot of Pacific Rim adds just a touch of the human element to the movie so that it doesn’t turn into one of those films where nothing really happens but stuff blowing up. *cough* Transformers *cough*

            Add Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman into the mix and this movie can do no wrong in my eyes. I love these two in Sons of Anarchy and will follow them in any film they make in the future. Granted, a movie like Pacific Rim isn’t much of an acting stretch, but with Hunnam and Perlman, you’re in pretty good hands.

            Pacific Rim is a robots save the world from monsters movie. You have your one liners. You have your disenfranchised hero who makes a comeback. And you have awesome graphics. I can’t wait for the 4D ride of this to come out. There are some shaky camera moments, but that’s just a pet peeve of mine and in no way detracts to the overall enjoyment of watching the film.

            Let me put it this way…when you watch a two hour movie and don’t even feel like it’s been two hours, you know it’s that good. In fact, if I wasn’t so busy and would totally be playing hooky if I watched it again, I would watch it again.

            I guess my final words for this blog post would be: Thank you, Guillermo. Thank you!

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