Justine Dell Kindle Fire Giveaway!!!

The amazing Justine Dell is releasing her third book with Omnific Publishing entitled Until Next Time. Because of this, she's put together an amazing giveaway!

You get a lovely Kindle Fire HD fully loaded with contemporary romances from Omnific Publishing:

Notice that Romancing the Bookworm is on there. *wink, wink*

And that's not all! There are lots more lovely prizes in this giveaway so make sure to enter today:


  1. I love it when romances have tough edgy heroes and there is lots of witty dialogue.

  2. I love romances because they talk about love at first sight, true love and soul mates. I believe in that so much. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Please enter me.

  3. I love romances because they give you something to look forward too and enjoy instead of the reality we all live in. Also it doesn't hurt that most guys in books romance or otherwise have a certain allure to them.

  4. I love the tingly feeling you get in your chest when you're reading them and I just adore the guys in them.

  5. I love it when the guys in romance books are realistic, and you wish they were next to you instead of in the book...


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