Surviving the Great Juggling Act of 2013 – A Personal Story

When I started writing, my brain had a writing mode and an editing mode. Writing was always just about the writing. I didn’t think about editing at all. Then when I edit…well, you can guess.

I thought I had things pretty organized. I thought I was being awesome and smart about my scheduling. One month I would write the next I would edit. Oh, I was so wrong.

Eventually, all my projects caught up with me. If I wanted to keep my schedule, I would have to be three people. At first, I freaked out. How will I survive? How will I get everything done?

Then my inner multi-tasker emerged.

I put myself on a schedule. First, I would write a chapter of the latest SSP (Super Secret Project). Then, I would move on to my editing. I got so good at this juggling act that I decided to add chapter exchanges with my critique partner. One chapter a day of course just so we wouldn’t go insane and could concentrate. And just to make things fun, another one of my projects came long for edits, but I got lucky since these edits came in batches.

How did I manage to stay sane?

The Gilmore Girls.

In between projects, I’d watch an episode to decompress and recalibrate my head. Oh, I felt so Pacific Rim during this time. After I write a chapter, I’d watch an episode. Then I would edit a couple chapters then watch another episode. This cycle continued until I finished my editing and sent that off today, and I’m a majority through my writing.

Here are the things I realized through this experience.

1. I can juggle multiple projects. Yey!
2. I work better juggling multiple projects. May I never work on just one ever again.
3. Rory really treated Dean like crap…three times.
4. Most of the guy guest stars in Gilmore Girls went on to star in a successful series of their own.
5. I’m still in love with Logan. *sigh*
6. The seventh season is the driest, most boring season in the series. The writing really went into the crapper after the creator left. Unfortunately, when she decided to produce another series it was just the Gilmore Girls with ballerinas.
7. Okay, this list has turned into a Gilmore Girls realization.

I feel good about this new stage in my writing/editing life. Learning so much about myself. As my critique partner is about to discover, I’m very, very twisted. AND we share this twistedness so much that we think the same way. *shakes head*

What was the point of this post again?

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  1. I think it's essential that writers give themselves rewards after doing some writing. After all, writing is a lonely business, so more or less (unless you're lucky enough to have someone to encourage you) you're the only one that's going to motivate yourself. I also enjoy watching 'Gilmore Girls', so I think your reward is a rather good one!


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