Call for Submissions Halloween 2013

Dear Bloggers,

We're coming up to my favorite month out of the year and I've been thinking. For the month of October, I usually have my Superstition Game. For this year, I want to change things up a bit.

When it comes to special times of the year (spring, summer, Halloween, get what I mean), blog hops and giveaways usually feature authors. In December, I have my 24 Days of Giveaways, which is exclusively for authors. I thought to myself, what about the bloggers?

So, as a tribute to the people who help authors get the word out there, I want to dedicate October to bloggers with a giveaway.

Don't worry, I have the giveaway covered. It will be sponsored by The Momager and myself.

What I'm calling for here are your reviews, dear bloggers!

I want to feature 15 reviews here on my blog for the month of October to alternate with my Superstition Game and coincide with the giveaway.

This is the theme: Scariest book I've ever reviewed.

This can be an old review or a new review, your choice. It can be YA, NA, Adult of any genre. So long as it's a book that freaked you out, scared the willies out of you, sent a chill down your spine, or just plain disturbed you, I want to feature it!

Here's what I'll need:

1. The review (of course!)
2. The book cover (and any accompanying images you want in the post)
3. Your blog button (only if you have one. No pressure)
4. Link to your blog
5. What you have in your About You section

That's it!

Please email everything to: evangelistakat (at) yahoo (dot) com

Only 15 slots are available, so this will be a first come first featured type of deal. Once the your review is up, I will send you the link so you can spread the word.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section and I'll answer them right away. :-)

Come and celebrate the Halloween season with me!


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