Smells like October

How the hell can we have 92 days left in 2013? God, when I started this year, I was looking down the barrel of several manuscripts to write and edit. Ten months later, nothing much has changed. In fact, I may have even more manuscripts to write and edit now. *laughs*

Anyway, it sure is nice to wake up to October. The air is cooler, Halloween is just around the corner, and I have a couple of sweet and scary things happening on the blog this month.

Because of my love for October, I thought, why not share this love with all of you with blogger features, the Superstition Game, and an awesome giveaway? *shakes head* As if I'm not busy enough, right? But, I've learned that the more I need to get done the more I end up accomplishing.

So, let's get this show on the road.

For the entire month, I will be alternating posts between the bloggers who answered my call for submissions (and we have awesome ones if I do say so myself) and choice posts on superstitions. If you have any superstition special requests, please add them to the comment section or tweet them to me @KateEvangelista and I'll put the post together for you.

First off, why not a game?

You all know my Superstition Game image, right? This one:

I want to test your common superstitions knowledge. From the image above, how many superstitions can you find? Place your answer in the comments section or tweet it to me @KateEvangelista. Those who get it right will win a mini-swag pack from me. And you know how good I am at putting those together. *winks*

After you make your guess, join my giveaway for this month. It will run until Halloween and will have four winners. Cross your fingers that it's you. I'd love to send you one of the prizes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Besides the $10 Amazon GC you can use to buy my books *wiggles eyebrows* here's what else you can win:

Pirate Booty

Sports Pack

Assorted Yummy-ness

Aren't they scary and sweet? Be one of the winners by entering today!


  1. time flies.

    Will end joy this month to the max :)

  2. As what I say on the pic you posted, I see one superstition " When it's full moon, it's the time evil spirits will come out..."

  3. As what I see in your recent posted pic, I one superstition, "when it's full moon, it's time evil spirits will come out so it's better to stay home and never to go out..."

  4. I believe there may be 13 superstitions.

  5. The scarest book I ever read would have to be the "Amityville Horror".

  6. Black cat crossing your path. I have seen to many things happen when a black cat has been around.

  7. I read Andrew Pyper's The Demonologist, which was published just this year. It was pretty spooky. So I made it a required reading in my English class :)

    Someone once told me that ghosts prowling around cemeteries look for live people whose bodies they might inhabit, so to make sure they don't enter our bodies, we have to hold our breaths when passing graves. I don't know that I truly believe this, but I do hold my breath when passing cemeteries anyway ... just in case.

  8. not sure ive read any scary books that i can remember but superstitions ehh i don't believe in the them. and i lovee my black cats. just got 2 kittens one is black and white feral kitty named spook and the other one we i tamed his name is BINX from Hocas Pocas. Love this month Halloween is my fav. Holiday


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