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I never think of myself as the selfish type. Maybe sometimes I can be. Many times I know I am. But during the days when I'm not--selfish, I mean--I love to share stuff with others.

When I visit Facebook, I scroll through my feed and find funny, inspiring, cool stuff. Then I share them on Twitter. Most of them are inspirational quotes. I've amassed quite a collection of them that they've become my rotating laptop wall. Every five minutes I get a new quote I can take courage and strength from.

One of those quotes is this:

I love it because it resonates with me as a writer. I feel joy in what I do and this quote gives me the courage to try something new, play with what I already know, and continue to do what I love.

Well, just before shutting down for the night, the quote above became my current wall. I thought to myself, who is Holley Gerth? So, I Googled her and found out she's a best-selling author and she has a blog with a lot of cool inspirational posts.

Personally, I think of myself more as a spiritual person rather than religious. But I do have utmost respect for people who strive to inspire others, who move them the way Holley does. That's why I wanted to share who she is with all of you. Go visit her blog. Maybe she might have something on there that can give you a lift when you need it.

Okay, signing off now.

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