Anonymous Interests Reviwes: Transcend by Christine Fonseca

Our first review for October is from Anonymous Interests by Maliha Khan. The review she sent is of Transcend by Christine Fonseca.

But first, let's get to know Maliha:

Hi!! *waves shyly* I’m not good at personal introductions but I’ll still give it a try.

I’m a 16 year old girl from Asia named Maliha Khan who loves reading, annoying and eating more than anything else! Sometimes I become philosophical and wonder and question the world and it’s secrets and miracles. Of course I put a stop to it cause otherwise I’d go crazy!!

I like to write, read, listen and talk (a lot). Soon, you’ll find out more about my random, and not at all random, interests (on my blog).

Now that I’ve shared some of my personality (only the good side) won’t you share something with me?
Follow me if you want to know when I post about books, music or cute pictures.
Enjoy your day! :)

- Anonymously Interested

Here's her review:

Ien Montgomery has been raised to be a prodigy as a replacement for his brother after he died, or as it seems, may have been killed by Ien. But then Ien meets Kiera, the girl of his dreams, the one who inspires him to rebel. Soon, the Romeo and Juliet here, despite having a relationship forbidden by their parents, plan to elope and marry.

But then a tragic accident scars Ien for life, promising a lonely future as his mother announces him dead to the society.

The convent he transfers to can't hold him though, as he vows to reclaim Kiera, only to find the worst betrayal committed by his best friend James.

Hidden in his own home, Ien's childhood friend and a servant of the Montgomery household, Jenna helps him face Kiera and James and his mother. His brother's voice eggs him on to do terrible things, but then a shattering truth reminds him of what truly happened on the day he "died". A sacrifice is all it takes for Ien to realize his mistakes, and then seek forgiveness.

Transcend is a dark story about a boy's determination to be with the one he loves, with heartbreaking sacrifices, short suspenses and unexpected truths. It will draw you in around the middle though cause the action didn't start for several chapters. I got this copy through a contest from the author herself.

Thank you so much, Maliha for submitting this review. Everyone, make sure to visit her at Anonymous Interests to read all her other cool reviews. But before that, enter our scary sweet GIVEAWAY:

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