Going Blue!

Hair color is important. Along with cut, it can change or invigorate your look in an instant. I confess that when I was younger every time I got stressed I changed my hair. My local salon knew me by name because I spent a lot of my high school years there. I've gone curly. I've gone super straight. I've gone long, short, curly long, straight short. And then the older I got, I started experimenting with color.

Because of my hair abuse, I consider myself lucky I still have hair. There was even a time when I was having my hair straightened during a storm. The power went out. I couldn't leave because I had chemicals in my hair. Then we had to call it a day and continue the next morning. Can you imagine? Yep, that's how addicted I was to getting my hair done.

In my twenties, my need to change up my hair lessened. I guess this was due to feeling more comfortable in my own skin. Now that I'm thirty, I begin to take more risks with what I wear and how I style my hair. I've realized that the pixie cut works for my facial structure the best. But when it comes to color, I considered myself on the more conservative side...until now.

I've done fifty shades of brown. I've gone black. I even tried red for a time. But at the back of my mind, I've always flirted with going blonde. I did this a couple years back. Got a pretty okay result. Eventually, my love affair with blonde fizzled out. Then I toyed with the idea of going pink. It never really sat well with me until the idea of going blue came to mind.

Again my conservative upbringing stopped me for a second. Then @M_A_Patterson tweeted something very wise to me. He said, "Does it matter what color your hair is?" When I realized the answer was no, I knew I had to give blue a go.

After four hours of bleaching, coloring, and the cut I love, I walked out of the salon feeling like I've found another piece of myself. The Momager isn't a hundred percent with my decision. She's a mom, so I totally understand and willingly suffer her digs. She'll get used to it eventually. *crosses fingers* I hope.

Life is short. So many ugly things happen in this world that it's a shame not to give ourselves a moment of beauty. If you're thinking of changing your hair, now is the time to do it. Love yourself enough to change up the way you look. You never know just how much fun it will be until you try.  


  1. I love the color and the cut :)
    I'm only 23 and my hair doesn't remember its original color (which I believe was black) because I've been coloring it since I was 14 or 15.
    I love people who is not afraid of change the color or cut of their hairs :) We only have one life and we deserve to change it as many times as we wish :)


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