RAMISA THE AUTHORESS Reviews: griEVE by Lizzie Wilcock

I think it's time for another lovely blogger feature. This week I have the pleasure of having Ramisa on the blog. I was supposed to post this earlier, but the closer I get to Halloween the crazier my days become. It's a great kind of crazy, trust me.

Now, let's change things up and start with the review:

Have you ever read a book where the main character endures so many horrifying instances, you read with one eye open? This was my entire experience as I sat down and read, in merely two sittings, griEVE by Lizzie Wilcock.

I, by no means, ever expected the story to have a happy-go-lucky theme or even a satisfying ending, but the exception dark story I was presented with was completely unexpected. This is a story where the girl experiences bullying, shoplifts due to peer pressure, a lost mother, depression, dysfunctional families –all in the same book.

The most horrifying part? How well these incidents were written. Although the book should seem melodramatic, maybe a little over-the-top at times, the writing stayed consistent and had enough happy moments (no matter how little and delusional) to even out the darkness. This is a pure example of a girl who is searching for her mother, but finds so much more, and only a minority is positive.

From the very beginning, I loved Eve and her tender, broken heart. I loved how she found happiness in other people, and found light in even the darkest characters. All of the people Eve befriends are the kind your parents warned you about. Yet, when we see these characters through Eve’s eyes, we experience a chilling perspective of the goodness in these kinds of people. The novel has no flat characters.

Along with the characters, the writing style accompanies the magnificent novel. Small actions reveal a lot about each character. The writing is concise, straight-forward, and extremely suited to a novel that is nothing less than honest, heartbreaking and blunt.

There is a lot of mystery. Prepare yourself for a thriller, for suspense, and the constant cheering you’ll do for Eve as you hope for her happy ending. If you are looking for a light-read, I wouldn’t recommend this. But if you are looking for a dark novel that explores YA issues in a non-judgemental perspective, then I invite you to read this wonderful book. This is a book in which I was disturbed, horrified, tearful… but above all, I felt honesty, which may be scariest of all.

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Is griEVE by Lizzie Wilcock you'd like to read for October? Based on Ramisa's review, I think it's looking good. But before you go and grab a copy, let's get to know Ramisa a little more:

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