Time Suck

Okay, so I promised to write a post about my NaNo project. This post is it...well, sort of...I will definitely digress into something better. Stay with me.

With the release of Savor fast approaching, I decided to write Relish (book 2 of the series) for NaNo. I was doing fine for the first nine days of writing, but when I reached chapter ten, I sort of got stuck. There were several different ways to start the new chapter and I couldn't decide on the best one.

This is where my wonderful time suck experience comes in.

Oh the wonderful world of Cinema Sins. I discovered their videos by accident on Facebook, but I couldn't find the article anymore. Sorry.

Anyway, there are no proper words to describe the awesomeness of this, so I give you their introductory video instead:

This one is my favorite:

After two hours of watching every Everything Wrong With video, I found a way to begin chapter ten of Relish. Best writer's block cure* ever.

Subscribe to their channel here:

Happy watching!

*Some side effects may include accidentally peeing while laughing your ass off, tightness in the chest area, and possible cardiac arrest.

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