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Tune in on Thursday, December 26, 7:30 to 8:00 PM Manila Time (GMT +8). As our YouTube channel isn’t live-stream capable yet, we’ll be airing our first few eps on another channel, but we’ll post the link to this episode here just before we go live.
  1. Geeking out – Mina talks about the new television show “Reign” and Tania geeks out about an anime with creatures that are zombies but not exactly zombies.
  2. Awesome new thing to try out this week
  3. Author interviewKate Evangelista, author of young adult novels TasteReaping Me Softly, and Savor.
  4. We answer your Twitter questions (use hashtag #5x5podcast).
  5. Arrow moment – How do we feel about Barry Allen/The Flash, are Oliver’s abs threatened?
Ask your questions for @KateEvangelista@TaniaArpa or @minavesguerra ahead of time by tweeting us and  adding the hashtag #5x5podcast. You just might win a signed copy of Taste from Kate!
Taste - Kate Evangelista
  • Your Tweet must include the hashtag #5x5podcast.
  • Make sure your tweet doesn’t begin with a “@”. If you’d like to tag Kate or the hosts, put @kateevangelista (or @minavesguerra or @taniaarpa) in the middle or end of your tweet. However, just including the hashtag #5x5podcast will suffice.
  • No spoilers for Savor!
  • No spam! Only podcast- and topic-related comments and questions, please. And only questions for Kate will be eligible for the prize (but we’d love to hear from you about the podcast topics or anything else geeky).
  • You may be from anywhere to join, but we can only ship the prize to an address in the Philippines.
  • Your question must be tweeted before or during Kate’s live interview, questions tweeted after that are no longer eligible for the prize.

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