Better Ways of Saying Things

My mother is the most beautiful woman I know. She's both beautiful inside and out. And I'm not just saying this because I'm her daughter. But I will not hesitate to defend her to my death when someone crosses the line and actually makes her feel bad about herself. I don't care what people say about me, but when they start saying things about my family I will gladly go to jail for assault. Verbal or otherwise.

The source of my ire came from a woman I hadn't even met. She's lucky I wasn't in the same room when she said those things to my mother. *shakes head* I'm still fuming over it.

New Year's Eve, I had a box of hair dye left over. It was Spicy Red and thought, why the hell not? I mean, it's New Year, and I have nothing better to do. So I asked my mom to help me color my hair to make sure I get all the hard to reach places. Because my hair is still relatively short, I had half the bottle of dye left over. For fun, my mother decided she'll use the color too.

One thing you need to know about my mother, she's conservative, so Spicy Red is a wild color for her.

Once we rinsed everything out, her's turned into this magnificent gold red color while mine is of a darker variety.

I get that there are people in the world who aren't happy with themselves and the life they live. This unhappiness they show as criticisms toward others really aimed at themselves. Well, my mother walked into our village office to ask about a meeting when a woman (who shall forever epitomize the word bitch to me) told her she didn't like my mother's hair. Point blank. I have several choice words going through my head right now for her.

Look, you're entitled to your own opinion, I get that. But really?

The encounter bothered my mother so much that she wanted to dye her hair back to brown. When I got the whole story from her, I went back to the office. Unfortunately for me, fortunately for the bitch, she was no longer there.

I grew up being bullied, so I know how it feels to be made fun of. Kids are bad, but adults are worse because they coat their hurtful words under labels like "Opinions" and "Truth." Or worse "Advice." If it happened to me, I'd ignore. But my mother? That's a low blow.

Again, she is a beautiful and decent woman who wanted to change things up by coloring her hair. No one, and I mean no one, has the right to make her question that decision.

I swear...if I see that...Ugh!

Okay, rant over.


  1. I've got your back, sis. Let me know if I need to get a plane ticket to the Philippines and I'm on it!! Give my love to your mom. I love spicy red.

    1. SIS!!! I know! I was so mad I had to cool down before I could get any writing done. The Momager has taken it in stride and is feeling so much better about her hair. I will let her know what you said. She'll love it. *snuggle hugs*

  2. well i would make a complaint to the office for abuse. no one should be made feeling lesser that what they really are

    1. *hugs* I know. Sometimes it just makes me so sad.


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