Apartment Complexes in My Head

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I know I’m supposed to be writing a post about how I name my characters. The thing is, writing that post means writing this one. The reason behind this conundrum of sorts is the fact that the characters in my heads introduce themselves when they move into one of the many apartment complexes there. The short explanation is: I don’t name my characters. They already have names when I meet them.

Just like meeting someone for the first time, new characters extend their hands out and when I shake them they tell me their names. Sometimes handshaking doesn’t happen, as is in the case of Balthazar from Unreap My Heart. He just waltzed on in and demanded I write his story. Those who’ve read the book know what I mean. He’s a mean bastard, Balthazar is.

The characters of Til Death are some of the oldest tenants in my head along with the characters from Taste. In fact, they had to stay in tents when the apartments were still being built. They’ve stuck by me through everything. Sounds crazy, I know. Today, I have communities in my brain that I can’t wait to share with everyone.

As I’ve mentioned, Til Death comes from the bygone age of my writing style. A time when I wasn’t so sure about what I was doing or thinking when it comes to plotting and handling a rowdy group of characters. In the beginning, Dillan had a bit part. Now he has his own POV. The magic of story evolution.

Selena introduced herself to me after I woke up from dreaming my own death. The scary thing is I don’t remember what exactly happened in the dream. All I know is I died. But, instead of freaking out about it, Selena comes along and takes over the story. She brought along Kyle and Penny, her ever loyal friends. Bowen was a nicer guy when this all started. And Dillan…well, he was pretty much a jerk from the get go. Or should I say he has an attitude problem that gets him in so much trouble.

I’d like to say I had a hand in naming my characters. Maybe my subconscious does. As far as I’m concerned, when I write, the characters are already there. I basically type up everything that’s happened in their lives.

Glorified typist, anyone?

Yet such an enjoyable job. I get to meet so many interesting characters and learn about what they’ve gone through. So, speaking of which, I’m currently elbow deep in Knox’s story. Something to look forward to from me. *winks*


  1. Great post!! I was wondered where the names came from bc they are awesome! What a tease!! I want to know more about this Knox!!

  2. at least now i know how some people name their characters. I just use a name generator


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