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Shopping for me is never a stressful experience until the Momager tags along. When I was younger, shopping with her was filled with anxiety because she’d make me try so many dress that I didn’t like at all. Now that I’m older, we’ve reached a happy place and I’ve discovered things that make the process so much easier.

Wear a Dress

            When dress shopping, it will be so much easier to be in a dress too. Since you will be in the fitting room half the time, wearing a dress means you only need to take off one thing instead of jeans and a shirt. I say wear your favorite dress, this way you come into the dress shopping experience in a good mood.

Wear Nice Underwear

            Since fitting rooms have mirrors and possibly the worst lighting in the world, wearing your best underwear will help you feel sexy. A matching bra and panties, maybe something lace or satin, will help you look good in front of those mirrors every time you strip. Plus, having nice underwear on will help the dresses sit better on your body. Think of it as a test run for what you’ll wear underneath with the dress.

Wear Comfy Heels and Stockings

            This I can’t stress enough. Having on stockings and heels will help you see how the dress will look overall, especially if you’re buying something for an occasion. Also, I believe heels and stockings help with the sexy vibe. It’s all about stripping inside that dressing room. The better you feel when you see yourself in front of a mirror the easier the process of dress shopping will be.     

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