How I Became a Writer

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In high school, I never really thought of myself as a writer even if this was where my writing career essentially began. Being a late bloomer, I began devouring books when I was a freshman. Then, when I entered my sophomore year, my English teacher gave us a writing assignment. She asked us to write a short story. So I did. Not even thinking of it as something hard to do. I guess you can say I fell into the rhythm of writing. Then when she complimented me on my story, I caught the bug.

My classmates reinforced my love for writing when they began reading my poorly written, horribly-formatted, bad-grammar-infested stories. The feeling of watching someone read my work was addictive. Pretty soon I began writing more and more, but always about love. I’m a sucker for romance, even then. I also had sick and twisted stories, but they still had a love story woven in.

I entered medical school in college. Hey, everyone needs a career right? I never thought of writing as a career. I was way too na├»ve. But when I realized I wasn’t cracked up to be a doctor, I studied Literature. I figured I liked to read, so it seemed like a natural fit. I actually did pretty well for myself. Grades were good. Worked hard. Participated in class. Most of the writing I did at the time was academic.

After I graduated, I became an English teacher. I loved seeing my students' faces when they got what I was trying to teach them. But like with medicine, I slowly realized teaching wasn’t for me. Not a hundred percent anyway. So I went back to my writing, the only thing in my life I truly enjoyed.

The moment I saw writing as a career was when I woke up one day asking myself if the work I was doing at the time was what I saw myself doing ten years down the road. The answer was a terrifying NO. So, I quit my job (scariest thing I’ve ever done) and pursued the path to becoming a writer.

Actually, it’s only now with the release of my sixth book that it has truly sunk in. I’m a writer. I write stories for a living. And readers email, tweet, and send me messages on Facebook about the stories I’ve written. They tell me what they enjoyed and what they didn’t and I love every moment of it. If I realized this sooner, maybe in high school, my life might have been totally different. But, as they say, things happen for a reason, and I believe I had to go through all of that to find my way back home.


  1. glad you found your courage. i am still afraid to take that leap

    1. I say write a chapter at a time. You'll have a novel before you know it. ;-)


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