Why Radio Interviews Are Fun

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            There’s something about radio interviews. I think it has to do with the lack of a camera. It makes you less conscious.
When I found out I would be doing a couple of radio interviews for Til Death courtesy of National Bookstore, I was beyond thrilled. As much as I can, I like getting the word out there. How can people buy your book if they don’t know it exists, right?
Where does my confidence come from? I believe three years of teaching really helped. Sure, I feel nervous right before, but the second the interview starts, it’s like this switch is flipped and I’m a whole different person. Maybe is a split personality thing. I have a side that’s hermetic, which allows me to sit down in my room hours on end writing. Then there’s the side that comes out during interviews and events which helps me spread the word about what I’ve worked countless hours on.
Radio is so much fun because of the DJs. They can be hilarious. Plus, you spend your time listening to them, then there comes a day when they’re the ones interviewing you. How surreal is that?
I keep telling those who would listen that gone are the days of the reclusive writer. Sure we have our moments of pulling away from society. Times when we need to be antisocial to feed our muse. But now, more than ever, social media has brought all of us together. People you haven’t seen in years are easily tracked down via Facebook. Google has become our friend.
For writers, interviews are essential. They allow us to communicate with our readers, albeit indirectly. The reason why I didn’t think of writing as a viable career in high school was because I never thought of the books I read as having actual people behind them. That writers wrote them, I should say. Weird, right?
Today, I can communicate with my readers all day if I wanted. They know where to find me. They know I’d answer their questions as best I can. And one of the reasons why they know I exist is because of promotional avenues like radio.
Okay, how the hell did a post that was supposed to chronicle my experience participating in radio interviews morph into a teaching tool? Oi! This whole taking a break from writing is killing me. I really need to start my rewrite. Just one more day. I can hang in there! Although, if I didn’t force myself to take a break, I would have broken down too. So, forgive my jumbled thoughts. The point is, being interviewed on the radio is hella fun! So watch the freaky skeleton:

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