Sarabia Optical ATC Branch is the Worst

Dear Sarabia Optical,

I am Kate Evangelista, an international author, and a loyal patron of Sarabia Optical ever since I got my first pair of glasses in high school. Last September 2013, my mother bought me Tommy Hilfiger frames worth 9k as a gift. This is the first time I ever owed frames that expensive.

Today, I went to your ATC branch to have the lens adjusted because it was coming loose from the frame. The employee who took my glasses went to the back to have it fixed. Minutes later, he comes out showing me that temple of my Tommy Hil glasses has come off. He started explaining that it wasn't his fault, that it came off on its own.

That was the first transgression of the ATC branch.

I told him that I cannot accept his explanation because I wasn't there when the temple came off. How do I know that he's telling the truth? At the same time, someone in sales passing off a mistake made in their store onto a customer? That's like the worst attitude to have, especially toward someone who spent a significant amount of money on the frames that he broke.

When I told him that I wanted a replacement, he gave me such a hard time, saying that they will not replace my glasses. It's the only pair I have, so what will I use? Then one of the doctors took over and did a poor job of explaining away their mistake, still refusing to replace my glasses--that they broke.

Then they brought my frames to the back again and had someone stick the temple back into place, but it was clear that the frame was already distorted. The temple wasn't in alignment anymore.

And you know what the doctor did?

She tried to blame the distortion of my frames on me.

That's when I started getting mad. I insisted that I will not leave until they replace my frames. The doctor picked out the cheapest frames in the store--that did not even fit my face because she never asked me to try them on before putting lenses on them--and said they will be my replacement until they can all the manufacturer of my frames for a replacement. That pissed me off even more because the doctor made it seem like she's doing me a favor by giving me crappy replacement frames. What kind of service is that to a loyal customer?

You want to know the worst part?

Because there is one.

They waited until I was already stressed and pissed before calling the manufacturer about a replacement. Who knew they could do that right away? Why did I have to leave my frames if they could have just picked up the phone?

The manufacturer replaced the frames with exact same ones, just a different color, without complaining. Not like the staff of your ATC branch. They made me feel like I was the one at fault when all I wanted was to have my lenses adjusted and they broke the temple of my glasses. How is that called service? How is that something to be proud off? Your company better give the staff at ATC sensitivity training because they are the worst.

They could have owned up to breaking my glasses and called the manufacturer right away for a replacement. Instead they gave me a hard time when I wasn't at fault and waited until I was truly upset before doing something about the situation. They couldn't even face me, choosing to stand at the back of the store and solving the problem without consulting me, like the time they glued the temple back wrong and picked out crappy frames to replace my expensive ones.

I'm truly disappointed with you, Sarabia Optical. You have just lost a loyal customer. And every time someone asks me about your store, I will tell them this same story. Thank you for the inconvenience.


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  1. +JMJ+

    This post caught my eye because I need to get myself new frames soon. Well, I know where I won't be going! LOL!

    In general, I find it very unprofessional for service providers to blame something on a customer. It happened to me when a stylist botched my perm and then told me that it was my fault the perm hadn't turned out right because I hadn't been scrunching my hair up properly after my showers. How did he know that? Did he have a spy camera installed in my bathroom????

    There may be times when it is the customer's fault, but part of good service would be switching smoothly from that fact to what actually can be done to make the situation better. I think the staff at Sarabia ATC were clearly uninterested in trying to better your day.


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