Life After Death

I’m a huge Ghost Adventures fan. That alone should already tell you what my views on life after death are. Actually, anything paranormal I like a lot. I find that aspect of our lives so fascinating. Which is also why Halloween is my favorite holiday. The gif below this post is actually part of CCTV footage from the UK where it's believed the ghost of a monk opened the doors.

When I was little, I had a nanny who was born on one of the more mystical islands found in the Philippines. Every night, she would always tell me stories. Many of you might call these ghost stories. But to her, these were part of real life. She told me that I would grow up to live my life among the paranormal.

Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I don’t see ghosts, and thank God for that because I would totally freak out. But I’ve had things happen to me that I can’t really explain beyond what I can see in front of me. Things like being the only one in the house and then suddenly smelling the sweetest floral perfume and when I tell my mother about it she says her grandmother wore that kind of scent. Or that there’s this corner of our house the dog refuses to go to and barks at every time we pass it like there’s someone there. Crazy dog. Or that the corner of my bed would move and wake me up from a dead sleep.

So, yeah, I do believe in life after death. I believe that we all have spirits in us, or some form of energy, whatever you might want to call it. Sometimes, during death, some of this energy is left behind and that’s what we might call ghosts.

Now, if you ask me if there’s a heaven, that’s a whole different topic of conversation. *winks*

ghost gif photo: Hampton courtyard Ghost GIF GIFONE.gif

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