50 Shades and Red Rooms of Pain

If I'm being completely honest, I read the 50 Shades trilogy for the sex. And let's be honest, much of the books are about the sex. Story-wise, there are nuggets, but really it's about the sex.

With the trailer releasing yesterday, the lull of 50 Shades silence has been broken. Tongues are wagging, faces are being fanned, and people are watching the trailer more than once. I've done all three of these things.

Based on the trailer alone, I can see that the movie will be better than the book. The reason for this is movies have the ability to condense narrative, taking the key moments in a book and adapting them onto the big screen. Since there's very little in the books that can be adapted story-wise, a movie is the best place to elevate the romance between Anastasia and Christian.

The question now becomes which sex scenes have been adapted into the movie. According to the trailer the Red Room of Pain is definitely there. How could it not be? But what about everything else? What will hold this movie together in between sex scenes? Finding answers to these questions is one reason to flock to the theater come Valentine's Day 2015.

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